Option to export GPX without navigation waypoints

Lukas Baron shared this idea 23 months ago
Collecting votes

I often create tracks with locus and export them as gpx to my Garmin extrex 20. While that device is capable to show/hide a specific track from a gpx file, contained waypoints (locus 'navigation hints') can not be hidden and are always visible. I still want to have the option to use speech output from the smartphone in case the batteries run out, so I currently create a route twice, with and without navigation hints.

Proposition: Add a tick box 'without navigation hints' to the gpx export window.

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Good day Lukas,

why are these waypoints problem in your Garmin device?

Because such feature adds another setting into user-interface, I'll need here more positive votes to know, that there are users interested in this feature. Thanks for understanding.