Locus Map, version 4.16 ( 25. 4. 2023 )

Menion shared this announcement 13 months ago

Version 4.16.0 (25.4.2023)

Major changes

  • chg: a new backup manager with fine-grained setup
  • chg: offline LoMaps rendered by Mapsforge V4 - more details, better clarity, readability and style

Minor improvements

  • add: direction indicator in the point detail, topic
  • add: (SILVER) "Documents" directory among the default "Geo-tagged photos" dirs
  • add: (SILVER) indication of low battery level of a connected sensor (red color of icon)
  • add: (SILVER) option to set custom name for WS services
  • add: new grid systems - UTM, centered 1 km grid and tile hunter (Expert settings)
  • add: option to set an individual track elevation threshold - customizable optimization of the elevation gain (Expert settings)
  • add: warning of disabled navigation commands in the routing profile setup dialog
  • chg: data manager renamed to "My library"
  • chg: completely new and more flexible system for geocaching icons, topic
  • chg: improvement of the process for selecting attachments to points
  • chg: (SILVER) a shorter sound for the radar sensor low-danger alert
  • chg: improved track preview dialog
  • chg: NTRIP client now supports more casters (less strict)
  • chg: UI unification & minor improvements across the app
  • chg: improved tablet layout for points/tracks details
  • chg: improved layout of the bottom panel, topic
  • chg: (SILVER) removed warning when starting track recording and some sensor is no longer available


  • fix: defunct loading of shared route-plan from the web planner
  • fix: (SILVER) problematic next-day weather forecast
  • fix: slow start of reversed navigation when the route contains huge amount of waypoints
  • fix: infinite back loop in Locus Store
  • fix: (SILVER) activating of Presets by long-tapping an item in function panel, topic
  • fix: drawing a point pointer along the side function panel
  • fix: unwanted notification of active Live-tracking users in the Point alert
  • fix: parsing uncommon RMC NMEA messages causing problems with missing altitude values
  • fix: a problem with setup of geotagged photos dirs
  • fix: issue in import of maps in the Map manager
  • fix: incorrect elevation computed in the track analyzer, topic
  • fix: (SILVER) incorrect parse of titles of WMS layers, topic
  • fix: map offset applied to WMS/WMTS maps
  • fix: side layout for point detail when the phone in landscape mode
  • fix: possible setup of nested custom directory (causing infinite nested directories)
  • fix: rare problems with authentication to Google Drive
  • fix: (SILVER) defunct sharing of the track on Facebook on some devices
  • fix: attempt to fix pending pointer icon when app restores from background
  • fix: unrealistic times for LoRouter MTB profile
  • fix: many small fixes in the background

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