Locus Map, version 4.23 ( 8. 4. 2023 )

Menion shared this announcement 2 months ago

Version 4.23.0 (8.4.2024)


  • add: basic support for Lab geocaches, topic
  • add: POI information for every photo in the user's LoPoint photo gallery
  • chg: removed "Navigation/guidance" dialog from the "Navigate to" action flow
  • chg: completely new image gallery for comfortable display of multiple full-screen images
  • chg: new internal system for LoRouter parameters, offering more flexibility and a new road bike power parameter
  • chg: updated information screen for transferring Locus Map Classic data to Locus Map 4 on Android 13+
  • chg: re-routing and reverse routing now preserve manual segments, topic
  • add: option to manually specify a custom camera app (Expert settings, Android 13+)
  • chg: minor UI changes


  • fix: endless sync caused by an invalid track
  • fix: inability to save/navigate a route with a manually drawn last segment
  • fix: wrong distance markers on manual segments
  • fix: Cartes IGN maps not working (clear the map cache if old colored images appear again)
  • fix: incorrect preset order on some screens, topic
  • fix: missing destination field in route planner itinerary in some cases
  • fix: moving the main app directory results in loss of path to the default map in a preset, topic
  • fix: incorrect offline geocoding for sub-localities, topic
  • fix: incorrect number of used satellites on some external GNSS devices
  • fix: potential fix for the missing route planner bottom panel
  • fix: issues with FIT files (export to Garmin watches)
  • fix: missing presets after backup restoration
  • fix: starting navigation from the planner when the route is not yet computed
  • fix: unable to select GPX files via the system file browser
  • fix: crash for non-geocaching Premium users searching for caches, or using the live map
  • fix: crash when importing maps on Android versions 7 and older systems
  • fix: starting navigation without navigation commands directly from route planner
  • fix: export of "other attachments" to GPX and KML files, topic
  • fix: incorrect cache size for virtual caches, topic
  • fix: other minor fixes

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