Locus Map, version 4.24 ( 4. 6. 2024 )

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Version 4.24.0 (4.6.2024)

Major Changes

  • add: option add user reviews to LoPoints (ratings + comments)
  • add: new "Share as image" method for sharing tracks and routes
  • add: LoCoin Bonus - a new system of rewards. The first option - a reward of 1 LoCoin per uploaded photo to a LoPoint
  • chg: a massive battery consumption reduction during track recording when screen is on
  • add: notifications of detected invalid pause and active recording when in standstill, topic

Routes & Planning

  • add: default user speed parameter for LoRouter walking profiles
  • add: full support for all BRouter parameters
  • add: option to include manual segments into a route recalculation, topic
  • fix: slowdown (memory problems, crash) after multiple route recalculations during navigation, topic
  • fix: missing first navigation command after recalculation, topic
  • fix: repeating of "Import dialog" when requesting import from Locus Web planner


  • add: option to log lab caches offline
  • add: option to set the number of logs to download
  • fix: problem with searching for geocaches with GC code on some devices, topic
  • fix: not working "exclude the found" filter for lab caches
  • fix: inserting logs into geocache detail, topic
  • fix: missing "size_virtual" support for custom virtual cache icon
  • fix: incorrect focus in "Log the cache" screen, topic
  • fix: incorrect merging of geocaches' content during update, topic
  • fix: incorrect max. limit for geocache logs over API (valid max. limit is 30)
  • fix: missing listing for lab caches imported via GPX
  • fix: missing waypoints of lab caches imported via GPX, topic
  • fix: error when activating GC live-map due to a problem with auth

Minor Improvements

  • chg: numerous updates in offline LoMap themes, topic
  • chg: converted OSM notes login to new OAuth 2.0 (needs re-login), topic
  • chg: improved immersive (full-screen) mode
  • chg: better support for photo attachments from remote sources, topic
  • chg: united and fixed currency formatting


  • fix: track outline color visible below the base line (after 10 years!!), topic
  • fix: speed up of handling of the search results above the map
  • fix: incorrect calculation of elevation "before" and "behind" a trackpoint, topic
  • fix: incorrect file time in exported FIT files, topic
  • fix: purchase of Premium for LC when user does not own enough LC
  • fix: problem with WMS map partially not visible (in this case
  • fix: crash when changing online/offline state and the shared track no longer exists
  • fix: toolbar position in track edit screen
  • fix: crash in the Premium purchase screen on devices without Google Play services
  • fix: missing track statistics after edit
  • fix: absolute paths stored for selected map and navigation cursors
  • fix: crash when sharing remote photos
  • fix: unable to simulate location with the NMEA message properly
  • fix: minor fixes and tweaks

Version 4.24.1 (6.6.2024)

  • chg: faster display of quick map switch
  • fix: crash when navigating an imported route
  • fix: problem with loading of caches with the user name containing special characters, topic
  • fix: impossible to disable selected map in a preset
  • fix: a few more minor fixes

Version 4.24.2 (7.6.2024)

  • fix: a few more minor fixes
  • Version 4.24.3 (12.6.2024)

    • add: elevation gain in Share > Image & stats
    • fix: a glitch at the begining of GPX routes imported from Garmin, topic
    • fix: not working "Cartes IGN maps"
    • fix: attempt to fix "No selected map" in the content panel
    • fix: incorrect "hidden by" filter for lab caches, topic
    • fix: incorrect file time in exported FIT files, topic
    • fix: wrong colors after light/dark theme change, topic

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