Locus Map, version 4.22 ( 18. 03. 2023 )

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Version 4.22.2 (22.3.2024)

  • fix: unavailable subscribed IGN maps on some devices
  • fix: incorrectly detected Premium account
  • fix: round trips with incorrect shaping point order
  • fix: other minor fixes

Version 4.22.1 (21.3.2024)

  • chg: simplified procedure of sharing a track by link and its enhanced handling
  • fix: unavailable weather forecast in some areas
  • fix: missing segment in Route planner when changing a shaping point to a navigation point, topic
  • fix: several smaller issues
  • fix: rare crash in the 3D skyplot

Version 4.22.0 (18.3.2024)

Major Changes

  • chg: brand new route-planner-based itinerary system, also handling the "Navigate to" feature
  • add: full track chart now accessible from the planner's bottom menu
  • add: option to move the app's main directory to the Android/media folder
  • add: AccuTerra maps introduced as the replacement for NeoTreks maps

Minor Improvements

  • chg: the highest zoom level for LoMaps online and ski maps increased from 18 to 19
  • chg: BRouter now adopts the same system for handling results over JSON as LoRouter
  • chg: speed improvement in opening the "Set the main directory" screen
  • chg: disabled computation of track time estimates for tracks without navigation points, topic
  • chg: allowed relocation of the data/srtm directory to the Android/media directory
  • chg: removed the no longer working "Bearing below compass arrow" setting, topic
  • chg: improved import of GPX files
  • chg: non-functional GeoportalSudtirol online maps removed
  • chg: weather forecast in the point menu is now located outside the "Tools" submenu
  • chg: restored GPS auto-off functionality on Android 11+ and moved completely to Expert settings
  • chg: unified format of data units


  • add: support for loading caches from links
  • add: support for "Update cache" in the geocache detail, topic
  • chg: allowed relocation of the data/geocaching directory to the Android/media directory
  • add: search for geocaches now allows excluding one's own caches
  • chg: search for geocaches now excludes one's own unpublished caches
  • chg: improved handling of the "Open in browser" method for geocaches
  • add: support for the GS Adventure app via the functions panel, topic
  • chg: improved handling of geocaching user accounts in the app
  • chg: log message is now required when logging a cache online
  • add: support for geocache log images when downloading caches, topic
  • add: active GC live map filter in the map screen content panel
  • add: coloring for the GC Live map icon in the functions panel, topic
  • add: photo badge on geocaches to indicate downloaded images, topic


  • fix: offline access issues with WMTS-based online maps
  • fix: starting the compass from point detail without the arrow
  • fix: incorrect interpretation of the "main directory" in the "select source" export dialog
  • fix: access problems to IGN maps on some devices
  • fix: correct loading of caches over HTTP links
  • fix: defunct sharing of an exported file, topic
  • fix: problematic warnings on incorrect segment connections, topic
  • fix: incorrect route icons displayed on the map, topic
  • fix: caching issues with non-geocache coord. info links, topic
  • fix: malfunction in importing maps via "Remote file" method
  • fix: loss of modifications to via-points when rerouting, topic
  • fix: sync issues caused by incorrect times in edited routes
  • fix: reading issues with power sensor balance value

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