Locus Map, version 4.21 ( 23. 01. 2023 )

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Version 4.21.0 (23.1.2024)

Major Changes

  • chg: various improvements of selected LoRouter profiles
  • chg: based on several expectable parameters, LoRouter now estimates surfaces on selected roads
  • add: sharing a route plan directly from the route planner via URL to Locus Web


  • add: built-in Geocaching Live Map
  • add: filter selector and manager for geocaches' search and Live Map
  • add: basic geocaching tool options can be added to the function panel
  • chg: geocaching drafts in the logs manager and cache detail now also display markdowns

Minor Improvements

  • chg: faster launch of the point/track screen
  • chg: correct match of the displayed online LoPoint zoom level with the map
  • add: option to share a single LoPoint via URL to Locus Web
  • add: support for handling LoPoints shared via URL from Locus Web
  • chg: improved clustering of route warnings
  • chg: updated WMTS ZBGIS maps URL
  • add: support for ButtonsBar hardware controller
  • chg: improved hardware control selection dialog
  • chg: removed AppsFlyer analytics tracker
  • chg: removed sharing of points and tracks directly to Facebook
  • add: support for the power meter balance value, topic
  • chg: removed 4UMaps from the app (server disabled by the owner), topic
  • chg: enhanced French TTS support for navigation and audio coach
  • chg: improved "Slope coloring" range, topic
  • chg: numerous background changes and maintenance in the code
  • chg: numerous updates in offline LoMap themes, topic


  • fix: non-functional No-go points in online LoRouter
  • fix: incorrect highlighting of edited part of a track
  • fix: incorrect handling of the "Include nav. commands" option, topic
  • fix: incorrect format of TTS for long distances
  • fix: invisible map tile texts in dark mode, topic
  • fix: rarely incorrect merge of routes, topic
  • fix: issue with export to Runalyze service, topic
  • fix: rare crashes when importing maps
  • fix: unwanted via-points created when planning with BRouter, topic
  • fix: return to selection of profiles when adding a new custom profile
  • fix: incorrect layout on some screens on 7" tablets
  • fix: correct support for WhereYouGo app

Deprecated Gradle features were used in this build, making it incompatible with Gradle 8.0.

You can use '--warning-mode all' to show the individual deprecation warnings and determine if they come from your own scripts or plugins.


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