Version 3.12.2 ( 08. 10. 2015 )

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Version 3.12.2

  • add: GPSies - improved search options - name and track length
  • chg: geocaching hint set to decrypted by default
  • fix: problem with "accuracy" parameter in track recording
  • fix: problem with guidance refresh when using point from Live map (GeoGet add-on)
  • fix: refresh of GPS and track record buttons in panels when something changes in them
  • fix: problem with suggestions in address search
  • fix: problem with rotation of map when device does not have hardware compass
  • fix: support for Street View application

Version 3.12.1

  • chg: item purchase in Store with Terms of service now requires extra confirmation
  • chg: "Show view" now always displays the real sensor value (especially during navigation)
  • chg: request on centering is now made only during "Add new route" and "Track editing"
  • chg: navigation computation types are now sorted for all services
  • chg: improved bottom menu in point screen in case no "external feature" is available
  • chg: doubled resolution of track previews
  • chg: (PRO) improved map overlays. Moving the slider now makes the whole dialog transparent
  • fix: preview of tracks in GPSies service
  • fix: display of KMZ Ground overlays directly over "import" function
  • fix: search of addresses in MapQuest
  • fix: invisible number of found caches in geocaching logs
  • fix: problem with lost via-points when user selected not to compute instructions
  • fix: (PRO) crash in "Live tracking" service after start
  • fix: incorrectly decrypted geocaching hint
  • fix: problem with setting of track recording parameters in settings
  • fix: login to RunKeeper service
  • fix: direct import of zip files from email client
  • fix: problem that user's selection of map scale from the main map screen was used in different places (like track preview, map previews in Store, etc.)
  • fix: problem with request on map center after screen rotation
  • fix: another attempt to fix problems with SmartMaps in rare cases
  • fix: incorrectly downloaded tiles for Swiss topo hiking maps
  • fix: problem with using new Munzee application for Munzee hunt
  • fix: computation of OSRM tracks without navigation commands

Version 3.12.0

Main changes

  • news:
  • add: integration of service (menu > Web services)
  • add: (PRO) Navigation – a new system of automatic recalculation, two options – route and point priority.
  • chg: changes in style of maps sorting in "offline tab" of the map manager considering LoMaps (Locus vector maps)
  • chg: improvement in style of bottom buttons in dialogs and some screens

Minor news and changes

  • add: option to stop track recording directly from the system notification
  • chg: (PRO) a lot of usability and UI improvements in On-board map calibrator
  • chg: all fields supporting input of distance/speed values now support users units (mainly settings)
  • chg: split of track now does not create a gap as before
  • chg: (PRO) "add new wms" buttons moved to bottom "+" button
  • chg: (PRO) massive change in WMS crs system to support custom crs mainly CRS:84 from NASA servers
  • chg: removed bottom "more in store" button in the list of online maps
  • chg: (PRO) improved track chart tab (mainly if you display the location of a trackpoint on chart from map)
  • chg: added basic public support for GeoJSON import
  • chg: centering confirmation dialog when some extra bottom panel is active (e.g. 'add new route')
  • chg: correct download and import of files directly from web browsers

Various fixes

  • fix: (PRO) problem with not working via-points after recalculation
  • fix: problem with deleting of vector maps from SD card on Android 5.0+
  • fix: issue with import of more complicated KML styles
  • fix: issue in UI of color picker (mainly the small visible color button)
  • fix: removing of downloaded empty HGT (zip) files
  • fix: problem with rotation of track screen when saving recorded track
  • fix: export of HRM values to TCX file
  • fix: not working reverse guidance along track
  • fix: old and new labels at selected point visible at once