Version 3.13.0 - 3.13.1 ( 6. 11. 2015 )

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Version 3.13.1

  • fix: not-working offline maps on SD card on Android 4.4+
  • fix: problems with start on Android 6.0
  • fix: problem with creating track folders
  • fix: problems with downloading of supplementary maps (setup of download)
  • chg: limitation to unique name of folder
  • fix: minor fixes, thanks all for fast bug-reports!

Version 3.13.0

Main changes

Various news and fixes

  • add: (PRO) pre-defined bookmarks to the quick www bookmarks feature
  • add: search by track type in GPSies
  • add: icons of all activities in GPSies service
  • chg: separate '+' button in data manager for points and tracks
  • chg: long tapping cache code button copies the code to clipboard
  • chg: improved copy of coordinates to clipboard when point is not yet stored in database
  • chg: distance and bearing in line tools are now copiable to clipboard
  • chg: updated list of translators
  • chg: small improvements in Export screen
  • chg: many small UI changes over whole application
  • fix: icons in list of points now fully reflect reality (color, rotation, some GC stuff)
  • fix: some problems in parsing coordinates over clipboard
  • fix: problem with incorrect statistics of track visible during "add new route" function
  • fix: input of values in some settings
  • fix: problem with manual recalculation during navigation
  • fix: export of date of computed track to GPX
  • fix: crash of Locus when user defined "English (developer)" locale in system
  • fix: (PRO) slope value in chart when altitude units other than metres