Version 3.15.0 - 3.15.2 ( 27. 1. 2016+ )

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Version 3.15.3 (11.2.2016)

  • add: option to hide the top "guidance to point" panel
  • add: option (in config.cfg) to define max. length of sound notification
  • chg: improved parsing of BBCodes where content of code contains break-line
  • chg: improved work with "last known location", mainly in case of map centering
  • fix: problem with OruxMaps based maps
  • fix: restoring of zoom level after restart of application (mainly problem with SmartMaps + Oruxmaps)
  • fix: problem with counter of visible tracks in folder
  • fix: crashes on older devices during geocache log display and optimized logs loading
  • fix: visibility of points after their move to a different folder
  • fix: problem with incorrect naming of Great Britain map
  • fix: invalid seconds in geocache logs

Version 3.15.2 (3.2.2016)

  • chg: visible percents of translated localization
  • chg: added state of geocache waypoints (visibility) to backup
  • chg: improved break lines and added basic support for Markdowns for geocache logs
  • chg: improved error notification on incorrectly set custom directory
  • fix: crash when display detail of point or track
  • fix: problem with zooming of SmartMaps online
  • fix: problem with auto-zoom on SmartMaps maps
  • fix: problem with incorrectly rendered tracks styled by speed etc. that has also breaks
  • fix: incorrectly working geocaching waypoints auto-loading
  • fix: problem with not-remembered state of geocache waypoints after removed with "Remove temp map item"
  • fix: rare crash when logging to Store

Version 3.15.1 (1.2.2016)

  • chg: enabled option to edit shape of track with just two points
  • chg: (PRO) improved NFC reader and added support for handling of "geo:" information
  • add: "Enable hardware compass" added to "Quick settings"
  • fix: crash at start of app when using custom online maps
  • fix: pre-selecting of countries for map downloading
  • fix: issue in using downloaded (offline) SHOCart maps
  • fix: naming of Vector (LoMaps) maps
  • fix: problem with track overviews in track detail or track manager
  • fix: incorrectly working geocaching waypoint auto-loading system
  • fix: (PRO) problem in track charts when display of time on X axis
  • fix: problem with incorrect reading of distances in Training manager

Version 3.15.0 (27.1.2016)

Main changes

  • news:
  • add: a new version of SHOCart/freytag-berndt maps (online subscription or paid download)
  • add: option to set Text-to-speech locale independent on Locus or system language (major languages only)
  • add: (PRO) function that computes estimated "Trip time" of selected activities (in track tools menu)
  • chg: loading system of geocache waypoints completely reworked. State of loaded waypoints is now stored even if you hide/show caches
  • chg: track charts now correctly handle breaks (gaps) in track and also incorrect values (like 0 values for HRM, etc.)

Extra features and changes

  • add: support of BBox in "Quick www bookmarks"
  • add: loaded items in mapItems are now automatically reloaded when the file changes
  • chg: huge change in logging of geocaches or trackables times + removed selection of TimeZone (not needed anymore)
  • chg: improved export of polygons to KML

Various news and fixes

  • fix: crashes of app caused by new guidance panel + small improvements of this panel
  • fix: not working popup window for points and tracks on map
  • fix: display of quick map switch from main menu
  • fix: problem with incorrect parsing coordinates from clipboard
  • fix: (PRO) problem with add new waypoint for track recording over widget
  • fix: some problems in "history" dialog in Locus Store
  • fix: problem with points in case, background map use special map projections (like SmartMaps)
  • fix: problem with converting coordinates to MGRS format and vice versa
  • fix: (PRO) track chart now preserve zoom during screen rotate
  • fix: incorrect naming of imported tracks based on source filename
  • fix: incorrect notification when user wants to edit geometry of track with less then three points
  • fix: problems with url syntax in Network links
  • fix: crash in editing of cache in points screen
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