Version 3.17.0 - 3.17.1 ( 16. 5. 2016+ )

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Version 3.17.1 (21. 5. 2016)

  • add: support for cmt tag for GPX tracks
  • chg: improved offline address search in multilanguage maps and improved sorting of houses
  • chg: removed last point (duplicate) in area selection for map downloads
  • chg: improved naming for English versions of LoMaps in application
  • fix: problem with stuck of Locus when zoom out with colored track on a map
  • fix: issue when starting navigation on existing track (started as guidance)
  • fix: issue with never ending working dialog when exporting to Google Drive
  • fix: new rare problems in auto-refresh of GPS connection
  • fix: (PRO) crash in Points screen when handling Google Places points
  • fix: (PRO) shading of new Lantmateriet maps
  • fix: inability to write multiline text for geocaches logs
  • fix: not refreshing changes in preferences on 4.x devices
  • fix: incorrect naming for export to Strava for "weight training"
  • fix: problem in Live tracking service & work with "last valid location" point on map
  • fix: issue with removing live tracking users from map, when no data should be visible now

Version 3.17.0 (16. 5. 2016)

Various fixes

  • title: Main changes
  • add: offline search of addresses
  • add: new pack of icons for tracks (+ old updated). Usable also in Locus based Live tracking
  • add: support of navigation commands in BRouter routing service
  • add: Swedish Lansstyrelsernas maps added to list of online maps (definition in Store)
  • add: option to select means of transport (car, bike, ...) for route recalculation of current active navigation
  • add: option to colorize map by altitude
  • chg: new design of "map overlays" screen
  • fix: crash when downloading paid tiled online maps

Extra features and changes

  • add: support of long tap in points/tracks list enabling selection mode and preselecting single item
  • add: missing 8 activities in Strava export
  • add: support of MapsForge V4 maps (language selection in map detail) + V4 themes (both need to be used at once)
  • add: map labels now handle "scale" parameter from KML files
  • chg: all waypoints closer than 500 m from a track are now visible on track chart
  • chg: improvements in Start screen (better UI, animation, removed EULA from separate page)
  • chg: increased speed of unloading of visible cache waypoints
  • chg: improvement in SeekBar design of opacity and in some other places
  • chg: improved speed of MapItems screen content loading and also improved handling of changed files (load/unload)
  • chg: small improvements and fixes in "Active items browser"
  • chg: improved naming of "items" directories
  • chg: improved "Quick new point" GPS location of new track record points
  • chg: chart in dashboard extended from 10km to 20km
  • add: Locus Live Tracking displays source and accuracy of users' location as small accuracy circle below icon
  • add: improved notification options of Live tracking
  • add: option to display last correctly sent location in active Live tracking
  • chg: reduced width of text fonts in Track popup (in order to display longer values correctly on smaller devices
  • chg: improved list of news
  • chg: connection to GPS automatic restart in case of connection troubles
  • fix: problems with selecting directory on SD card on some Android 6.0+ devices
  • fix: NetworkLinks and some other map items now refresh itself also on zoom change
  • fix: scaling of SVG images of areas in vector maps
  • fix: problem in TTS engine - accidental break of playback
  • fix: missing icon of files/Items in Data > Items layout in case it is stored in the same directory as image file
  • fix: problem with incorrect sorting of maps by distance in Quick map switch
  • chg: many smaller UI improvements all over the whole app

Various fixes

  • fix: rare crashes in Locus Settings on some 5.1 devices
  • fix: problem with loading of KML files with empty folders
  • fix: missing "stop" button in Live tracking
  • fix: display of unencoded html texts in description of points/tracks
  • fix: problem with downloading and extracting items from Locus Store that ended with "bin" extension
  • fix: long-click on back button on main map screen incorrectly handled on some devices
  • fix: problematic support of Lab caches
  • fix: refresh of top panel title during start of app and screen rotation
  • fix: problem with pre-selecting of ringtone picker sound
  • fix: problem with incorrect "time to target" along guidance line
  • fix: not working option to edit exported track to VeloHero right after export
  • fix: problem with FileMap based maps that were incorrectly rendered in low zoom levels
  • fix: import of GPX where waypoints are placed before a track
  • fix: access to "purchase LoCoins" after opening side menu in Store
  • fix: format of imperial units for sharing track on Facebook
  • fix: attached photo (new taken by camera) should be now visible in device gallery immediately
  • fix: rare crash when "Google" was used as navigation source
  • fix: many smaller problems reported on www://, thanks to all!
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