Version 3.44 ( 20. 2. 2020+ )

Menion shared this announcement 4 years ago

Version 3.44.0 (7.2.2020)

  • add: new web services library (dynamic catalog of WMS maps)
  • add: option for automatic setup of upper/right function panels
  • add: warning on modern Huawei/Xiaomi devices about possible data loss caused by the system memory cleaners
  • add: (fixed) notification to 3rd party apps about navigation & track recording actions, topic
  • chg: prevented crash when custom backup directory no longer exists
  • chg: unified use of center & rotate button across app
  • chg: setup of hardware key-event control over UI (Expert settings)
  • fix: double-click issue in directions selection
  • fix: missing icons of 3rd party apps in the function panel after restart
  • fix: incorrectly working "Reverse navigation" system
  • fix: (PRO) missing "Route planner" setup for point context menu
  • fix: (PRO) graphic problems in Point alert
  • fix: (PRO) missing Point Alert STOP button on map screen
  • fix: a few more minor fixes
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