Version 3.47 ( 7. 7. 2020+ )

Menion shared this announcement 3 years ago

Version 3.47.0 (7.7.2020)


  • add: Freemap Slovakia orthophoto map
  • chg: new file browser screen
  • chg: modified UI in backup manager
  • chg: updated background logic of automatic-backups
  • chg: limit for stored backups applied also to cloud backup
  • chg: allowed use of GPS only when app is in foreground (adaptation to Android 11)
  • chg: improved manipulation with non-verified user accounts
  • chg: slightly changed style of photo-point icons
  • chg: partial addresses in geonames search results


  • fix: incorrect elevation of FIT files after import
  • fix: problem with update of elevation of long tracks
  • fix: screenshot generator file image ending
  • fix: failed computation of WMTS maps coverage, topic
  • fix: defunct WMS 'Lesn√© cesty' & some others
  • fix: incorrectly filled elevation of points on certain (rounded) coordinates
  • fix: crash when sharing points over W3W
  • fix: "Last updated" value of Points not updated after moving/copying, topic
  • fix: incorrectly saved modified route in Route planner, topic
  • fix: failing verification of login email, topic
  • fix: incorrect thumbnails of attached photos

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