Version 3.48 ( 28. 8. 2020+ )

Menion shared this announcement 3 years ago

Version 3.48.0 (28.8.2020)

  • add: GC Community celebration event icon, topic
  • chg: improved style of icon for caches in lists, topic
  • chg: improved menu under geocache code, topic
  • fix: illegible labels in the content panel
  • fix: not working "Select all" in File browser
  • fix: re-initiated GNSS system upon start of every track recording, topic
  • fix: (PRO) problem with inserting WMS map with long URL
  • fix: incorrect track line style with pattern
  • fix: inactive URLs in map details info
  • fix: (PRO) not merged WPT from PWKDWPL NMEA message, topic
  • fix: other minor fixes

Version 3.48.1 (10.9.2020)

  • fix: rare crashes after app start
  • fix: unwanted multiple auto-backups during a defined interval
  • fix: "select all" in file browser wrongly selected directories
  • fix: GPS not enabled when resuming track recording over widget, topic
  • chg: minor layout update in color picker
  • fix: other minor fixes

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