Version 3.2.0 - 19.8.2014, 3.2.2 - 26.8.2014, 3.2.3 - 5.9.2014

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Main changes

add: Statkart.No maps (visit Locus Store to add)

add: Stamen maps (visit Locus Store to add)

add: ability to reverse track during creating a copy

chg: less used online maps are now available in Locus Store

chg: improvements in Navigation system


add: work with Geocaching FieldNotes moved to new add-on!

add: (PRO) possibility to add images during logging a cache

chg: improved Geocaching Tools menu (merged Geocaching Live)


add: possibility to write own routing service over Locus API

add: export points to OV2 format (TomTom)

add: (PRO) ability to turn on screen also for a POI alert

chg: improved style of "Add new route" line

chg: improved "navigation times" (time to target, ...)

fix: rare issues with creating root folder after fresh install

fix: (PRO) minor issues on track charts

fix: problem with OSRM routing service

fix: not working SmartMaps (not visible) and issues in zooms of OSM SmartMaps

fix: problem with checking on tracks and points in files during import

fix: issue in UTM coordinates on south hemisphere

fix: problem with settings a width for tracks (in track style screen)

fix: (PRO) issue with heading/course in dashboard

fix: and other small un-important fixes ;)

Version 3.2.2

fix: (PRO) map overlay transparency

fix: rare problems with centering map after switch various online maps

fix: problem with Time zones in geocaching logs

fix: (PRO) problem with logging a Trackables (geocaching)

fix: problem with World vector map

fix: heading/bearing line during rotate of map

fix: rare problem with creating a root folder

fix: minor issue in export GPX tracks and import files in UTF-16

Version 3.2.3

add: ability to choose from MEDIA/NOTIFICATION for audio stream (Settings > Misc)

chg: 'file picker' now better remember last used directory

chg: pre-select track after recorded track is stored

fix: (PRO) Wikipedia search now use different source and works again!

fix: problem with Backup manager

fix: issue with track record (restoring of previous state)

fix: incorrect times in Field Notes

fix: logging images over Field notes add-on

fix: issue with downloading of map on some devices

fix: problem with calibration of downloaded map in TAR format

fix: remember all parameters in 'Navigate to' after return back from un-success compute

fix: incorrectly drawn navigation track (around your current location)

fix: import of GPX files, when used "merge" feature

fix: rare crash in filter of points

fix: problem with calibration of huge maps

fix: problem with import of items from older add-ons (GSAK, GeoGet)

fix: transparency of multi-layer online maps defined by users XML file