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Upload Tracks/Fit to Garmin Connect website

Collecting votes omgyja Locus Map Comments: 8 Reply 23 months ago by Bernhard F.
17 votes

Include Laps in TCX

Collecting votes Uatschitchun 18 months ago Locus Map No Comments
2 votes

Export to TCX with HRM data problem

Solved robot h. Locus Map Comments: 4 Reply 3 years ago by Menion
1 vote

TCX and GPX export

Answered HyPhan Locus Map Comments: 19 Reply 31 days ago by Menion
1 vote

No exact track backup possible

Not a Problem Ingo R. Locus Map Comments: 10 Reply 3 years ago by Menion
2 votes

TCX export as Activity rather than as Course

Completed Daniel A. Locus Map Comments: 17 Reply 19 months ago by Menion
4 votes

GraphHopper "street name" is lost at export tcx or gpx 1.0 out.

Completed 0709 Locus Map Comments: 9 Reply 15 months ago by Menion
1 vote

Point icon on navigation screen

Completed trinitii Locus Map Comments: 23 Reply 2 years ago by trinitii
6 votes

Tcx export broken.

Solved 0709 Locus Map Comments: 1 Reply 3 years ago by Menion
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