Improve dashboard elevation chart

Walther Schubert shared this idea 14 months ago
Gathering feedback

For road/mountain biking, it would be nice to have a dashboard chart which shows the elevation profile for the next n kilometres with more detail.

Currently the elevation profile, let's say for the first 5 km of a 70 km track, is nearly even, when the biggest part of the total elevation comes somewhere later.

So the 5 km preview is rather useless, although there are as well short, but steep climbs.

So the improvements should comprise

- scale the elevation line to the height of the chart cell

- indicate the slope with colours beneath the line.

- optionally analyze the track, identify remarkable climbs (configurable) and notify, when one is ahead.

This is more or less a standard feature of state-of-the-art bike computers as for example the ClimbPro feature in Garmin Edge.

There have already been a lot of requests in the past regarding the navigation chart. So quite a lot of people would welcome such a feature

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