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skvedo shared this problem 22 days ago
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after upgrade to 4.24.3 locus started to crashing. It looks like exception got out to main thread. It happens even after few seconds on map screen sometimes.

It became completely unusable for me since upgrade.
Previously I was using beta version available at 2024-05-16 (issue from this ticket still persist

Phone Pixel 7a

Yesterday I found in GDrive new beta so installed it and enabled logging (attached).

Can you please share apk file of previous version so I can downgrade to before 4.23 battery performance change for testing if it is related to Locus upgrade?

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sorry for any inconvenience, we'll check the log and investigate possible issues (however, we can't simulate the problem mentioned in the SSL topic and nobody else has reported it). You can downgrade from our public repository at


Thanks for link, didn't know about version archive. I have tried older version, it looked promising but also having same problems.

Currently I had to result to bringing my old phone just for Locus on weekend trip.

Locus is only app having these issues. I can run Strava or without crashing and even without excluding from battery management.

Can we schedule conference call to do test on my phone?

Just give me instruction what to prepare software vise. I'm using Linux on all my computers but can run virtual machine with Windows or borrow spare PC from work if necessary.


Hi skvedo,

could you please record video of your crash? You can use AZ Recorder ( Thank you in advance.

Marek, Locus teram


Hi Marek,

Pixel have integrated screen recorder.

I have catched 2 crashes. Recordings are in Gdrive on link bellow.

Last week Locus crashed immediately as I loaded particular track or opened route planner. Now these 2 are "working".

Still crashes after moving a bit around map. Just don't have right now scenario where it crashes immediately a every time.

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