Version 3.10.0 - 4. 7. 2015

Menion shared this announcement 3 years ago


Main changes

  • news:
  • add: Outdoor Active for offline access!
  • add: (PRO) support of "Via points" for "Navigate to" function
  • add: "Via points" enabled also for "Add new route" points (these added manually are considered to be a "via points")
  • add: point popup now display first attached image and allow quick display of all images
  • fix: problem with Swisstopo downloads

Navigation and tracks/routes

  • chg: (PRO) recalculate now consider not yet passed "Via points"
  • chg: better icons for navigation types
  • chg: improved system for on/off screen during guidance
  • chg: improved UI of navigation itinerary
  • fix: incorrect load of MapItems of track with navigation waypoints
  • fix: removed huge start/stop icons from track planning
  • fix: rare problems with crash during display of temporary track

Import & export

  • add: support for direct import from GMail app
  • chg: GPX import now correctly load previously exported attachments
  • fix: incorrect message in export dialog
  • fix: problem with access to Dropbox (logout and multi-selecting)
  • fix: incorrect import of Pocket Queries

Minor changes and fixes

  • add: selection of sub maps for Multi-sql map, when you wants to "Center", or you are out of map when selected
  • add: Slopes layer into Outdoor Active winter maps
  • chg: (PRO) new system for refresh of widget after app starts
  • chg: improved work with track thumbnail in list of tracks
  • chg: blank maps moved to top toolbar of Map manager
  • chg: new system for opening HTML files from Locus (like links in geocaching listings, links in MBT maps popup etc.)
  • chg: improved "random" Z order of recorded and navigation track on map
  • chg: improved auto-loading of SmartMaps
  • chg: better labels in map selecting view in Store
  • chg: better error message when Online map download failed
  • fix: selecting themes from map detail view
  • fix: empty header in Geocaching Tools if profile is not loaded
  • fix: another try to correctly handle small left side button when panels on screen change
  • fix: SmartMaps system now handle multiple directories a lot better
  • fix: small rendering problems in vector maps
  • fix: RMap calibration on south hemisphere
  • fix: many other minor fixes and UI improvements

Comments (5)


After does not even start. The icon is also gone. Edit: After re-installing it launches but does not react to any button tap. The iconof the app in the list is black. Well I really need older version...heading to holiday in 2days. Menion coukd you send me older version? Thx.

Some more testing. After launch of the app and tapping on for example the GPS icon on the top menu bar the GPS screen opens but you cant see is invisible but on the top of the map which you can see. It applies to any "settings" button you opens but not visible. Hope it makes sense.


Seems like Locus were incorrectly generated by development tool (for absolutely unknown reason). New generated version 3.10.1 is already uploaded on Google Play. Is same happen also with this new version?


Unfortunatelly yes. Ill try one more re-installing and get back to u.


Nope. Still invisible menus. Black icon. 3.10.1


Even after re-install right? Hmm nice ... I have absolutely no idea ...