Version 3.11.0 - 3.11.3 ( 15. 8. 2015 )

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Version 3.11.3

  • add: Slovenian translation. Send thanks to Peter Klofutar for ultra fast work!
  • chg: improved layout of "Modify functions panel" dialog
  • fix: problem with backup files created with Backup manager
  • fix: problem with loading DB POI points databases
  • fix: problem with downloading vector map to custom directory
  • fix: (PRO) problem with refresh of recording widget
  • fix: problem with missing Sweden projection EPSG:4977
  • fix: (PRO) last attempt to fix rotate of screen when logging a travelbugs
  • fix: notification about internet problems at start of app
  • fix: (PRO) rare crash when connecting to BT 4.0 HRM device

Version 3.11.2

  • fix: problem with using purchased OutdoorActive and SwissTopo maps
  • fix: problem with setup of custom directories by new method on Android 5.X+
  • fix: remaining problem with rotate of screen with logging a travelbugs
  • fix: permanent hint in "field notes manager"
  • fix: problem with bearings and rotate of map screen on some devices (caused by incorrect Android version)

Version 3.11.1

  • fix: crash during start on modern 64-bit devices. If problem remains, please try to re-install Locus. Sorry for a troubles!
  • fix: attempt to fix crash when access to Locus Store
  • chg: change in picking an external directory, which caused problems on some devices
  • fix: incorrect URL to news
  • fix: refresh of offline maps when download of maps stopped before finish manually
  • fix: rare crash when logging a trackables

Version 3.11.0

Main changes

  • news:
  • add: online map for Austria (over Store)
  • add: Android 5.0 now support move of directories "backup", "mapsVector" and "data/srtm" to SD card
  • add: (PRO) new feature "Quick WWW bookmark" (beta)
  • add: new feature "Set custom GPS marker position"
  • add: screen with latest news from our homepage (in main menu)
  • title: Navigation and tracks/routes
  • chg: refresh of "track preview" by long click
  • chg: (PRO) tracks created by "add new route" has filled altitude when saved
  • chg: improved visible elevations in "laps" tab of track. Using generalized "optimize altitude function"
  • chg: "Navigation generator" now correctly generate altitude data based on values of original track
  • chg: "laps" tab in track screen now ignore last lap which is shorter then 20% of defined lap distance
  • chg: improved layout of navigation itinerary
  • chg: improved UI and handling of tracks in list


  • add: new tool handling of Field notes directly in Locus (in Geocaching Tools), for advanced tools, use add-on Field notes!
  • chg: existing field notes in cache screen are now handled directly in main tab and not in "log your visit" side panel
  • fix: (PRO) updated geocaching service so now it may a correctly notify on expired token
  • fix: (PRO) restoring "items tab" when logging a field notes after rotate of screen
  • title: Minor news and changes
  • chg: updated integration of online manual on many places
  • add: option to "select an audio" as an attachment to point
  • add: context menu to hide points/tracks also to special "Points manager/Tracks manager" functions button
  • chg: improved full screen mode mainly on Android 4.4
  • chg: updated DropBox login system
  • chg: support for addresses over KML files

Various fixes

  • fix: access to 4UMaps
  • fix: fixed confirming of "Set new map screen center" function
  • fix: not working adding of single map from custom location
  • fix: small improvements for labels with photos
  • fix: crash when deleting part of track
  • fix: refresh of track screen after "fill altitude"
  • fix: problem with using track immediately after "copy" action
  • fix: import of GPX track with navigation waypoints
  • fix: problem with export of track that has no defined style
  • fix: problem with finalizing planned tracks into one final track (incorrect merging of waypoints)
  • fix: (PRO) incorrect refresh of Locus Map Pro widget after start of Locus Map Free
  • fix: crash in BT manager when connecting to invalid remote device
  • fix: problem with missing G segment in Air files
  • fix: layout of "ongoing downloads" in Store
  • fix: various small UI improvements as usually

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I miss the change of buttons look&feel here in changelog.

Is it possible to enlarge the buttons? The smaller buttons are much harder to hit when using Locus during some outdoor activity.


Hello Tomáš,

it is more a problem of missing changelog for latest version. Here it is:


Thank you, then my comment applies for that version. Should I copy it there?


Not needed I think. Information is there under: "improvement in style of bottom buttons in dialogs and some screens"