Version 3.14.0 - 3.14.2 ( 5. 1. 2016 )

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Version 3.14.2

  • add: a small basic tools panel directly on map during guidance to a point
  • add: sorting of files in the file browser
  • add: (PRO) option to stop live tracking directly from notification bar
  • add: (PRO) some new favorites in "Quick WWW bookmarks"
  • add: option to apply "Altitude offset" also to Bluetooth GPS
  • chg: big improvement of placing map label on screen (now it is always visible, not hidden behing layout)
  • chg: display of map attribution on all places where the map is visible
  • chg: update of track recording notification ("pause" added and colors fixed)
  • chg: updated notification icons
  • chg: track filter now supports filtering by date and also applying only at the folder where the filter was created, not at all at once
  • fix: a problem with Google Drive
  • fix: crash in "Add map directories/files"
  • fix: problem with handling GPX/KML files from various file browsers
  • fix: problem with import of "remote files"
  • fix: export of points with addresses to GPX files
  • fix: import of geocaches with waypoints
  • fix: (PRO) saving track recording waypoints from widget
  • fix: (PRO) incorrect resizing of overlay maps when they are out of range
  • fix: problem with POI DB points that remain visible on map after change of map
  • fix: never-ending improvements in UI and many other small fixes

Version 3.14.1

  • fix: problem with crashes in Geocaching screen when listing rotates
  • fix: problem in training manager (inability to add new trainings)
  • fix: problem with bottom "Add" button for adding a waypoints to cache in fullscreen mode
  • fix: problem with ETA along "line to GPS" and added "Time to target" parameter to config file
  • fix: attempt to fix problem on Yoga Tablet with crash at start (let us know if it helps)
  • fix: rare crash in start of navigation
  • fix: getting of network (wi-fi, BTS) location at start, before GPS fix is ready
  • chg: removed "Foursquare" add-on (not working anymore)
  • fix: not working link to manual in data screen
  • fix: a few more problems reported on out Thanks all

Version 3.14.0

Main changes

  • news:
  • add: full support of import/export to Google Drive
  • chg: new KML data browser (simplified work with KML files loaded over Data > Items)
  • chg: more than 300 new icons in high resolution and modern style all over the app
  • chg: many UI improvements in almost all screens
  • chg: improved work with the new system of permissions in Android 6.0+

Minor improvements

  • chg: completely new system of map resolution setup
  • add: possibility to define size of map and navigation cursors

Various news and fixes

  • fix: crash in geocache screen when device screen rotates
  • fix: all icons from "Garmin" section correctly centered on point location
  • fix: usage of "via points" after recalculation on a manually created route
  • fix: problem with export of items with attachments to Dropbox
  • fix: problem with editing of track shape on map and its incorrect storing
  • fix: problem with filtering archived/computed/disabled caches that were also marked as "found"
  • fix: problem with the map shift when dragging side menu
  • fix: problem with edge buttons and screen rotation
  • fix: (PRO) problem with selecting correct WMS layers
  • fix: problem with update of geocache waypoint description
  • fix: problem with not working OSM notes button in already loaded notes

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From version 3.14.0 there are two "Maps" buttons on main menu.


Hello pelsta,

please check this post:


good to hear new ver, is there any google maps avalible in online maps list like it is aval in older ver of locus pro 2.12.0


Good day jaffer,

unfortunately not. It's is not even planned due to technical and license limitations.

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