Version 3.16.0 - 3.16.2 ( 14. 3. 2016+ )

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Version 3.16.2 (6.4.2016)

  • add: Norwegian translation
  • add: option to enable/disable display of LoMaps POIs (points of interest)
  • chg: removed support for Android 4.0.0, 4.0.1, 4.0.2
  • chg: (PRO) improved sorting of results in GeoNames search
  • chg: (PRO) improved error notifications for downloading HGT & Geoid files
  • chg: many smaller speed optimizations in handling map tiles
  • chg: disabled hide & delete of track in "map edit mode"
  • chg: improved handling of visible points on map (faster drawing of only visible points) and smarter POI grouping
  • chg: improved speed of loading of points of interest
  • chg: three statuses of the live tracking icon (orange - last report was invalid, green - all is fine)
  • chg: improved KML browser so now it's possible to center to certain folder or display folder description
  • fix: (PRO) problem with edit of items in dashboard editor
  • fix: problem with incorrect computation of circle bounds around location (result was ellipse visible for example in POI search results)
  • fix: crash in listing of caches that use [quote] tag in their logs
  • fix: incorrect TTS of numbers in imperial values
  • fix: disabled guidance in combination with live tracking and compass screen
  • fix: (PRO) invalid URL in wikipedia search results
  • fix: incorrectly handled Transverse Mercator projection in Oruxmaps based maps
  • fix: problem with caching of certain data to private app cache on ext. storage in case ext. storage is not mounted
  • fix: problem with start permissions on some Android 6.0 ROMs
  • fix: export of generated track to GPX and TCX (incorrect times)
  • fix: rescale of overlay map in case rescale is disabled by the config file

Version 3.16.1 (27.3.2016)

  • add: Online maps CUZK for Czech Republic (Ortofoto, Zabaged, Základní mapa ČR), available over Locus Store
  • add: option to choose type of "disable lock screen" feature
  • add: colored image for live-tracking icon in toolbar
  • chg: small improvements in 'Live tracking service'
  • chg: OpenPisteMaps are now removed (server stopped)
  • chg: added caching for world vector map
  • chg: improved layout of satellite screen in landscape mode on smaller devices
  • chg: shading now enabled for all zoom levels
  • chg: better handling of unrealistic values in cadence/speed sensors
  • chg: improved picking of directory in Locus internal file browser
  • chg: improved zooming of listings of caches
  • fix: problem with connecting to BT LE (4.0) devices and receiving values
  • fix: problem with enabled GPS when creating a new point
  • fix: coloring of tracks by speed change and elevation change
  • fix: problem with incorrectly working "auto-load" images for offline images in geocaching
  • fix: improved caching of vector maps (now are cached till level 13 in JPG format)
  • fix: incorrect handling of points found over Geonames and Wikipedia (unable to stored them to DB)
  • fix: problem with login to Locus Store on Android 6.0, when "Accounts" permission was disabled
  • fix: problem with incorrect number of stored automatic backups
  • fix: caching of vector maps in cases, shading is enabled
  • fix: various problems with times in exported/imported files (GPX, TCX)
  • fix: problem with filtering tracks (invalid "to" date)

Version 3.16.0 (14.3.2016)

Main changes

  • news:
  • add: Locus app-dedicated live tracking - Beta version
  • add: (PRO) coloring of maps by slope gradients
  • chg: (PRO) completely reworked hill-shading of maps
  • add: support of search in stored tracks database
  • chg: (PRO) new search screen of Google Places
  • chg: (PRO) new search screen of Wikipedia
  • chg: (PRO) new search screen of Geonames and dramatically improved offline search speed

Extra features and changes

  • add: (PRO) "Travel time" feature directly in route planning tool
  • chg: (PRO) new Ski parameters in "Travel time" feature
  • chg: Db POI database now works also with maps not from Locus Store (as some time ago)
  • add: option to delete original track after split
  • add: (PRO) support of custom protocols for Quick www bookmarks (like 'myapp://')
  • chg: selector of folders now displays also group names
  • chg: improved compass image (mainly on tablets)
  • chg: better support of H3 markdown (mainly GC logs)
  • add: "stop" button in live tracking toolbar
  • add: (PRO) auto-start of track recording now has cancelable counter at start of app
  • chg: zoom scaling behavior changed back to the old system when Locus rounded scale value to next full zoom level

Various fixes

  • fix: problem with keeping guidance active during background data refresh like live map for geocaching (duplicate caches)
  • fix: visible of recording tracks on a map in some caches
  • fix: fast scroll of points/tracks lists
  • fix: problem with invisible Db POI databases
  • fix: invisible button for changing map themes in case previous selection was not successful
  • fix: few problems in MapResolution Dialog
  • fix: problem with inability to pick a photo from SD card on A5.0+
  • fix: invisible "max age of tiles" settings for map downloading (supplementary mode)
  • fix: (PRO) incorrectly handled NFC tags with Locus actions
  • fix: problem with incorrect apply of new Markdowns to cache listing
  • fix: problem with incorrectly colored tracks by speed
  • fix: (PRO) incorrect shading in zoom level 16
  • fix: (PRO) handling of special Google Places uri
  • fix: deleting of attachments of track waypoints when track is deleted
  • fix: problem with setting point coordinates to a photo in "attachments" tab
  • fix: multi-tap handling in mapView (fixed two/three finger tap)

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Po Poslední aktualizaci Aplikace Locus Pro nepotlačuje softwarový zámek obrazovky.


Zdravím, systém byl změněn kvůli problémům na různých zařízeních a nyní funguje tak jak je oficiálně povoleno na všech Android zařízeních a jak je i uvedeno v popisu této funkce - tedy pouze na NEzabezpečený zámek, tedy jen "slide to unlock". Díky za pochopení.


The new icon set doesn't match symbols of the old. I used to have a kayak for kayaking which now is an rowing boat. Not wrong with this boat also but I think it symbols something else then the old symbol set.


Good day Johan, I'm sorry, it is possible. I was checking combination of all icons, if they are close to what they were before and if I remember, I decided that kayak and boat are close enough :).

There are now three icons close to "water" so feel free to pick manually icon you like from new pack.

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