Version 3.18.0 - 3.18.7 ( 27. 6. 2016+ )

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Version 3.18.0/3.18.1 (27. 6. 2016)

Main changes

  • add: option to start Live tracking in private "rooms"
  • add: new centralized left action panel for "Map content"
  • add: (PRO) completely new service for displaying in-device geotagged photos on map (in "Map content > Layers")
  • add: (PRO) support of Panoramio service - images from all over the World on map (in "Map content > Layers")
  • add: list of nearest points on a map (in "Map content" panel)
  • add: (PRO) displaying average and maximum heart rate values
  • add: (PRO) displaying average and maximum cadence value
  • add: completely new system of "Activities" for tracks and track recording
  • add: (PRO) burned energy on recorded tracks (based on heart rate values or selected activity) is now visible in track statistics and dashboard
  • chg: many changes in track screen (design, separation of view/edit part)
  • chg: Search - main screen always set by a previously used search option - other searching options listed in a special menu
  • chg: complete re-structuring of all settings related to Maps
  • add: new system of logging caches with only the date so that logs appear chronologically on GC web site

Extra features and changes

  • add: new online Canada Base map
  • add: new notification of active battery optimization on Android 6.0+ (turns GPS off without warning etc.)
  • chg: new settings in "Navigate to" screen allowing to select guide/navigate mode
  • add: improved performance of maps mainly on high density devices
  • chg: improved "zoom to items" function that now considers also screen UI
  • chg: disabled "voice" for navigation affecting also "out of track" notification
  • chg: improved computing of current average speed > better ETA times
  • chg: improved layout of bottom part of track recording panel
  • chg: (PRO) new interpolating values for hill coloring
  • chg: improved start of guidance right after using "Add new route" function
  • chg: improved handling of bottom panel rotate/view button on devices without hardware sensor
  • chg: improved naming of via points generated for navigation (and announced by TTS)
  • chg: reduced reaction time of orientation sensor after screen is turned on (restart of sensor)
  • add: option to define width of geocache-to-waypoint lines (in config.cfg)
  • chg: small reorganization in Main menu > More
  • chg: many small improvements in Live tracking system

Various fixes

  • fix: fixed serious issue in continuous slowdown of navigation on some devices
  • fix: not working upload of tracks to Facebook due to invalid units
  • fix: fixed issue with display of estimated times on some places
  • fix: attempt to fix issue in multi-window on new Samsung devices
  • fix: issue in import of some special GPX PQ files
  • fix: remaining problems in naming of vector maps
  • fix: problem with update of LoMaps when user has older (more than a year) already downloaded maps
  • fix: issue with work with cache basepoints displayed from cache waypoint
  • fix: too early check of custom directories after restart of device when widget is on homescreen
  • fix: incorrect sorting of vector maps in Quick Map Switch
  • fix: refresh of track screen when track is saved into database after track recording
  • fix: rare problem with restoring offline SmartMaps maps after Locus start
  • fix: incorrect position of units in dashboard items
  • fix: option to use photos moved from old photo_poi to media/photo folders
  • fix: refresh of online maps list after change of maps' visibility
  • fix: problem in backup manager in restoring backup & rotate of screen
  • fix: inability to search around other than "map center" location

Version 3.18.3 (15. 7. 2016)

  • chg: completely new internal themes for LoMaps
  • chg: Locus Map Pro is finally available on Amazon App Store
  • chg: "Track preview" feature for easy sharing of your trips
  • chg: removed MapQuest maps due to change in "Terms of Use" of MapQuest owners
  • chg: few less used online OSM based maps moved to Locus Store
  • chg: small re-organization of bottom menu in Track screen
  • chg: small changes in default settings for functions panel
  • chg: improved bottom "+" menu in Map manager for online/offline tabs
  • chg: removed "number of points" item from track statistics and also from sorting in track folders
  • chg: small optimizations in speed of rendering of currently recorded track on a map
  • chg: tracks visible over "MapItems" will have filled altitudes
  • chg: design (mainly) improvements in Start screen
  • chg: avg/max speed values during track recording is now used speed from sensors (if available)
  • chg: (PRO) close of side panel when handling with point from "nearest points"
  • chg: (PRO) POI Alert notification in system bar refresh only when there are some changes
  • chg: better notification when user tries to download online map on SD card (or place where is no full read/write access)
  • chg: improved Hungary TTS for navigation
  • chg: (PRO) option to defined background color of track recording widget over config file
  • fix: issue with interrupted track recording after pause when "Only when moving" enabled
  • fix: incorrect announcement for training manager in imperial units
  • fix: black map tiles that rarely happen with some maps
  • fix: remaining problems with track statistics (movements time/speed) & improved little bit
  • fix: issue with missing top ok/cancel menu when editing track and rotate a screen
  • fix: issue with track "Created time"
  • fix: issue with UpdateContainer class used in add-ons
  • fix: (PRO) missing icons in "Nearest points" side panel
  • fix: few small crashes reported over Google Play

Version 3.18.4 (16. 7. 2016)

  • chg: further improvements in LoMaps themes
  • chg: temporary disabled download of Canada Topo maps due to technical problems
  • fix: problem with start of online map downloading (problem with setup of online maps)
  • fix: crash in compass screen during guidance
  • fix: rare crash at start when using Map Overlays

Version 3.18.5 (28. 7. 2016)

  • chg: MapQuest removed, how to deal with it:
  • chg: further improvements in LoMaps themes
  • chg: improved usability of the search screen (handling of keyboard and back button)
  • chg: disabled "Track preview" for Androids lower than 4.2
  • chg: improved hints all over application
  • chg: added preview of "Track preview" before sharing
  • chg: simplified setup of function panels
  • fix: (PRO)issue in connection to some BLE devices like Wahoo HRM
  • fix: (PRO)issue with reconnecting of ANT/BT sensors
  • fix: improved refresh (re-position) of panels on the main map screen
  • fix: problem with import of GPX files with inner rte points or invalid times
  • fix: back button in vector maps theme selector
  • fix: hotspot for "waypoint" icon
  • fix: imported color of track lines in GPX files
  • fix: encoding issue in OV2 files
  • fix: (PRO) problems in geocaching offlinizer caused by change on

Version 3.18.6 (3. 8. 2016)

  • chg: changes in internal cache - also the track preview and map screenshot are now stored just temporarily
  • fix: problems with Swiss topo maps download
  • fix: issue in LoCoins symbol formatting in Store
  • fix: issue with the left action button on map stuck in the middle of the screen in some cases
  • fix: issue in loading of content of some KML files in MapItems
  • fix: incorrect text colors on red buttons
  • fix: problem with start of editing a track on the map
  • fix: computation of maximum speed of recorded tracks
  • fix: issue in loading geocache waypoints with invalid coordinates
  • fix: problem in parsing of coordinates from clipboard
  • fix: issue of rarely stored invalid points (from wi-fi/bts source) during track recording
  • fix: display of current location on track chart with axis X set to "time"
  • fix: problem with adding new points by a long tap on a map

Version 3.18.7 (25. 8. 2016)

  • add: (PRO) Display of geotagged photos supports also one level of subdirectories, quick enabling/disabling of certain directories and a small animated icon in case of "loading in progress"
  • add: BRouter navigation service configuration directly in Locus Map
  • add: automatic elevation filling of a single track loaded from "items"
  • add: option to define "slope" units
  • add: two new "crossed" styles of track
  • chg: some more improvements in internal LoMaps themes
  • chg: better functional map auto-loading feature of vector maps
  • chg: "visibility eye" of an active item is now enabled when at least one item in its folder is enabled
  • chg: improved import of route GPX tracks, where all rtept points are now imported as "via points"
  • chg: improved display of name, time and distance to next point during guidance (and maybe also during navigation)
  • chg: icon in opened status bar is now created from application icon + small symbol
  • chg: improved handling of "auto-load images", enabled/disabled internet and automatic offlinizer (config.cfg) for cache images
  • chg: improved start of track recording in case GPS is "cold" (start together with recording)
  • chg: delayed automatic map centering during zooming
  • chg: improved calculation of maximum speed of recorded tracks
  • chg: improved move of map center after cutting a part of track
  • chg: left "track record" button can be hidden in settings
  • chg: improved start screen with permissions on A6.0+
  • chg: new starting procedure of application solving some random crashes at start
  • fix: "Map screen lock" mechanism of the main map
  • fix: export of attachments to GPX/KML files
  • fix: issue with disabling of secured screenlock
  • fix: issue with refresh of function panels visibility after device rotation
  • fix: issue with random white map tiles of vector maps after zoom
  • fix: coordinate parser for coordinates with tabs instead of spaces
  • fix: incorrectly working automatic refresh of loaded "items"
  • fix: many small fixes as usual

Replies (2)


Will the average/max HR and Cadence be exposed via the API as well?


Hello Jens,

documentation is not yet updated, but please:

- use Locus API over Gradle (Maven) : compile 'com.asamm:locus-api-android:0.2.4'

- repository is now placed here:

- required values are stored in TrackStats class that is directly available in UpdateContainer in case, track recording is currently running


Re: add: automatic elevation filling of a single track loaded from "items"

Would it also be possible to Automatically apply .HGT altitude data to recorded tracks when saving

It would be great to have an option to set that altitude data could be saved into the track automatically from the .HGT files right when saving the track after the recording finishes.


Hi Arpaf, feature is planned and I hope I'll find some time on this till end of year ;).


Hello Menion,

I’ve started to use my new phone, which has a Pressure sensor in it.

With it, altitude values are very-very precise. I would say, almost unreal if I compare to my previous saved tracks’ altitude charts (without srtm elevation data applied). With a pressure sensor you get extremely precise data and a very smooth graph curve.

Even more precise than applying .HGT data to the saved track.

This is new for me.

Do all your personal phones that you use when you are hiking or cycling have pressure sensor, too?

I can’t think of any other reason why you haven’t implemented that when saving a track, Locus automatically (without question, determined by a setting) applies the previously downloaded .HGT data to the saved track.

I don’t know how many percent of current phones have pressure sensor built-in, but I would guess that way more than half of them DOESN’T have, so let me again tell that the GPS data for elevation is EXTREMELY CRAPPY. It’s surreal that how inaccurate it is even with filtering. It’s totally crap.

Hence, I really don’t understand why isn’t that is an automatic process to apply .hgt data if it is present on the device.

Of course, this should be an option to choose via settings, because (in my short experience) altitude data corrected by the pressure sensor beats the accuracy even of the 30m SRTM.

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