Version 3.19.0 ( 12. 10. 2016+ )

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Version 3.19.0 (12. 10. 2016)

Main changes

  • add: new "Map items" screen for more intuitive work with custom items in Locus/mapItems directory
  • add: NeoTreks (ex-Accuterra) maps of USA - the most detailed trail network (purchase over Locus Store)
  • add: USGS satellite maps
  • add: quick two-finger-tap measurement of distance (enable in settings)
  • add: (PRO) option to fill GPS altitude from SRTM files & some more improvements in altitude manager
  • add: support of second navigation command in UI, icons of via points are now as a small badge over the big direction icon
  • add: (PRO) new settings of automatic tasks after successful "Found it" logs of caches
  • chg: massive update in BRouter system and its settings. A few more routing types & extra settings added
  • chg: a completely new track recording panel with basic settings - displayed before the recording starts

Extra features & changes

  • add: (PRO) option to change style of more tracks at once
  • add: button "Share (as GPX file)" in track detail bottom menu
  • add: option to display parent cache from its waypoint context menu
  • add: positive notification of track recording
  • chg: "Settings" button on track record widget changed to icon of current profile
  • chg: improved speed of rendering of KMZ Ground Overlay maps
  • chg: removed disabled setup of time when logging caches with option "date only"
  • chg: improvements in naming of via points mainly in case of merged routes
  • chg: exported times in GPX now contains miliseconds. Changed mainly for 1:1 re-import

Minor news & changes

  • add: absolute time of sunset and sunrise in top panel
  • add: option to display "ETA & time to target" for guidance line
  • add: server part of online maps can be based on mathematical expression
  • add: option to display "area" values in track statistics
  • chg: added energy, slope and weight units to Locus API
  • chg: optimization of navigation system, mainly navigation/guidance after recalculation
  • chg: attempt to improve performance of listing tab of caches
  • chg: preselection of area for download (now it is always rectangle with 25km size)
  • chg: improved layout of "GetLocation" activity and its "recently used" points and added option to clear content
  • chg: improved layout of "recently navigated tracks" and added option to clear content
  • chg: sorting of logs in FieldNotes manager and improved order how logs are uploaded on server
  • chg: improved storing of the type of routing that should be used during recalculation
  • chg: start/end points of exported track will be correctly set to navigation points

Various fixes

  • fix: "Track preview" now correctly auto-loads vector maps when selected map does not cover the track area
  • fix: another fine-tunning of LoMaps (vector maps) auto-loading
  • fix: not working OpenTopoMaps
  • fix: problem with track recording & enabled "GPS auto-off" feature
  • fix: problems with unrealistic values for maximal speed in recorded tracks
  • fix: (PRO) incorrect speed values reported by BLE speed & cad sensor
  • fix: highlighting of points on a map with "on-hover"
  • fix: rare problems with in-app billing in Amazon version
  • fix: problem with time, distance and name of next navigation command in guidance mode
  • fix: rare problems with downloading & deleting of items in Locus Store on Android 5.0+
  • fix: problem with incorrectly placed left edge buttons after screen rotation
  • fix: problem with editing of tracks (second editing in row)
  • fix: problem with Region feature in KML files (not applied when used in folder)
  • fix: problem with navigation line on map in case current location is too far out of track
  • fix: crash when re-computing GraphHopper navigated route
  • fix: (PRO) imperial units for weather forecast (rain)
  • fix: style of white navigation arrow on a map
  • fix: issue with long click on map & active guidance to longclicked address point
  • fix: problem with design of "Choose navigation dialog" in case of problem with routing service (GraphHopper)
  • fix: problem with 'deflate' compression of online maps
  • fix: incorrect name of "Via points" created by "Navigate to" function
  • fix: route computed during "Add new route" is now not hidden when global "hide tracks" is enabled
  • fix: problem with rotation of track recording side panel
  • fix: not working "Quick add" settings in definition of track for map downloading
  • fix: (PRO) problem with recalculation of route and merging results with the rest of original route
  • fix: small problems in layout of "Quick settings" dialog
  • fix: import of GPX files with special namespaces
  • fix: attribution of OSM StreetView maps
  • fix: navigation (mainly BRouter) notifications in case of any problem
  • fix: various small fixes

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I am wanting to transfer Locus Maps pro to my new Android mobile from my old Android mobile. How do I do that as well as moving apps across to my new mobile. thank you Alex


Good day Alex,

please follow these instructions. In case of any problems or question, feel free to create separate topic, we will gladly help.


Thanks. Backing up and importing the data isn't a problem. Just wondering do I have to pay for the pro version again on my new mobile. The adverts on the free version are killing me!


Then you need another topic below :). No worry, no need to pay again.

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