Version 3.34 ( 1. 11. 2018+ )

Menion shared this announcement 17 months ago

Version 3.34.1 (5.11.2018)

  • fix: problem with custom icons, topic
  • fix: incorrect elevation statistics in bottom route planner panel, topic
  • fix: crash when starting POI Alert, topic
  • fix: not working custom maps (TAR), topic
  • fix: other minor fixes

Version 3.34.0 (1.11.2018)

  • chg: optimizations for Android 9+
  • chg: improved adding of new GC waypoints, topic
  • chg: better support for notification channels (Android 8+)
  • add:(PRO) orientation lock in presets, topic
  • chg: single tap to show/hide functions panels (Google style), topic
  • chg: removed privacy settings of Strava export, topic
  • chg: (PRO) decreased strength of gradient chart filter, topic
  • chg: improved loading of custom icons
  • chg: minor graphic improvements over whole app
  • fix: empty side menu in route planner, topic
  • fix: defunct launch of BRouter in case of missing data (from route planner), topic
  • fix: decreased sensitivity of quick measurement, topic
  • fix: incorrect bearing of last segment in route planner, topic
  • fix: issue with shared points from Google Maps
  • fix: incorrect performance of Google based geocoding
  • fix: problem with parsing custom icons (re-import of GPX files)
  • fix: incorrect creating of navi points on manually drawn route
  • fix: incorrect position of rotation arrow on main screen

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