Version 3.35 ( 6. 12. 2018+ )

Menion shared this announcement 2 years ago

Version 3.35.0 (6.12.2018)

  • add: new Baltic maps (subscription needed)
  • add: display year in list of found field notes, topic
  • add: information about "Premium only" cache in point detail, topic
  • chg: updated app icon for Android 8+
  • chg: better automatic restart of app & fix of backup restore
  • chg: simplified main menu - about app/support information grouped into a single screen
  • chg: improved performance of opening of points, mainly geocaches
  • chg: many internal updates related to icons & UI
  • fix: (PRO) sending GC logs with too long text, topic
  • fix: selection of suggestions in search
  • fix: rare crash when opening live tracking item detail
  • fix: rare crash at start on CyanogenMode ROMs
  • fix: (PRO) problem with "mapItems" folder when calibrating maps, topic
  • fix: incorrect bottom button in "Add new waypoint" dialog, topic
  • fix: incorrect display of values along point-center line, topic
  • fix: problem with display of top "toast", topic
  • fix: defunct MapsForge V5 maps, topic
  • fix: incorrectly working ZbGIS, Outdoor Active and IGN Belgium maps
  • fix: export of incorrect "phone" values in GPX
  • fix: incorrect icons of popup menu selector of custom themes

Version 3.35.1 (10.12.2018)

  • fix: Unable to select sub-theme for MapsForge V3 themes, topic
  • fix: crash starting 3rd party app from functions panel, topic
  • fix: invisible "add" button in "personal maps", topic
  • fix: problem with share of location to 3rd party apps, topic
  • fix: crash when display news from notify center
  • fix: missing icons on widget (Android 4.x)
  • chg: improved "premium only" icon in cache detail
  • chg: improved notification on selected preset

Version 3.35.2 (18.12.2018)

  • chg: improved dialog starting navigation along route, topic
  • fix: handling points with classic link
  • fix: defunct icon of geocaching hint
  • fix: defunct browsing through Google Drive/Dropbox directories (rare problem on some devices)
  • fix: incorrect computing of route with invalid Nogo place (GraphHopper)
  • fix: incorrect alert of insufficient LoCoins balance for discounted items
  • fix: lost settings of enabled "Auto-zoom speed"