Version 3.45 ( 15. 4. 2020+ )

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Version 3.45.0 (15.4.2020)


  • add: support of more dynamic BRouter parameters, topic
  • chg: BRouter configuration - separate settings per profile (not shared)
  • chg: improved style of two-finger distance measuring, topic
  • chg: improved export of photos into KML files, topic
  • add: option to specify default point icon (Expert settings), topic


  • fix: rare crashes at start on some devices
  • fix: defunct download of NeoTreks tiles from Locus Store
  • fix: LoPoints disappearing after opening of the point detail screen
  • fix: incorrect route planner stats of longer tracks, topic
  • fix: unmatching new point icon with the folder icon
  • fix: BRouter parameters defined as true/false
  • fix: incorrect gc symbols in guidance panel, topic
  • fix: incorrect stop of navigation/guidance at the app exit, topic
  • fix: rare problem of loging in to Locus Store over Facebook
  • fix: defunct "double tap" to hide panels when the right panel is empty
  • fix: defunct app recommendation over Locus Store
  • fix: incorrect number of items in function panels when changing screen orientation
  • fix: not working sticky headers for menu > more & icons
  • fix: crash when editing recording profile settings
  • fix: various minor fixes

Version 3.45.1 (23.4.2020)

  • add: Geoglis - new online maps
  • chg: easier handling of tracks on the map in Locus Store
  • chg: return to track laps from the map
  • fix: incorrect saving of multiple photos added to point
  • fix: cut letters in geocodes photos page, topic
  • fix: defunct restore of backup on tablets (UI problem)
  • fix: a few minor crashes
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