Navigate along the route

Caspi shared this idea 4 months ago
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Sometimes there is a need to navigate to specific point of the route and have all statistics like in normal navigation.

Currently I do this by splitting my route with keeping original route. Then I must delete second part of splited route to keep everything in order, and finally I choose to navigate using the first part of splited route.

It's quite cumbersome, so I suggest to add option to context menu - "Navigate along the route"

Below use case.

Let say I prepare such route


And I start navigation


But I realized that, there is an interesting place somewhere on this route and I want now to navigate to this point, so I Click them, and choose new option "Navigate along the route"


As a result I get new shorter route, along previous route, to point that I've already choose.



Before you ask, "why not to use simple navigate to option". The answer is that in such case system will ignore our route and create new one, as we can see below.