Version 3.40 ( 2. 10. 2019+ )

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Version 3.40.0 (27.9.2019)

Major changes

  • chg: extensively rewritten app UI - unified details of screens, panels, colors
  • add: automatic set of presets for navigation (see navigation settings)
  • chg: R.I.P. ... integration and Web services menu removed as a whole ( merged with without option to integrate the new service)

Navigation & planning

  • chg: turning screen on for out-of-route notification now works even if sound is disabled
  • add: option to delete custom voice navigation files over UI
  • add: notification of incorrect values in navigation recalculation settings
  • chg: more reliable system of saving routes in route planner
  • chg: improved map rotation at start of navigation, topic
  • fix: lost waypoints when modifying track in route planner
  • fix: problematic navigation notification on connected watches


  • chg: improved auto-loading of vector maps for the map previews
  • chg: improved visible "top toolbar" active map label, topic
  • add: support of backup of "custom online maps"
  • add: "validFor" parameter for XML definition of online map
  • chg: improved taking of map screenshots for Locus API
  • fix: incorrect reloading of MFV4 tiles to display texts correctly over more map tiles
  • fix: zoom lock & auto-loading of multi-maps
  • fix: calibration of ZBGIS maps, topic
  • fix: incorrectly working "cache timeout" for custom online maps
  • fix: rare problem with white map after vector maps swap
  • fix: incorrect display of online multi-layer map, topic


  • chg: time logs for gc&trackables logs that reflect correct timezone, topic
  • chg: add "save" button for online "Log cache"
  • chg: improved comments for uploaded GC images

Other changes

  • add: map shading to presets
  • add: additional format of WGS coordinates, topic
  • add: seconds for "created time" of trackpoints, topic
  • chg: rewritten structure of the main map screen (simplified inside, faster outside)
  • chg: improved system/layout for selection of location
  • chg: improved "geo" call for some unsupported apps, topic


  • fix: settings of the app and TTS language
  • fix: rare problem with upload of tracks to OSM server, topic
  • fix: defunct "merge points with tracks" checkbox in data import
  • fix: incorrectly used Garmin "dogs" icons
  • fix: problem with unstoppable auto-start of track recording
  • fix: parsing FIT file with missing defined "sport" type
  • fix: crash when importing multiple files into database, topic
  • fix: unable to open OSM link in LoPoint detail, topic
  • var: and uncountable list of minor changes mainly related to UI/UX
  • fix: many smaller fixes across app
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