Version 3.42 ( 5. 12. 2019+ )

Menion shared this announcement 4 years ago

Version 3.42.0 (4.12.2019)

  • add: support for Bergverlag Rother routes in Locus Store
  • chg: new search of content over map in Locus Store
  • chg: better use of left/right arrows in track editor during "remove all before/after" action
  • add: backup of color interpolators
  • add: basic loading of track "pattern" parameter from GPX
  • chg: improved detection and rendering of empty map areas
  • chg: option to add selected apps into Quick bookmark
  • chg: reverted editing of cache waypoints coords


  • fix: disabled navigation link to preset after route recalculation
  • fix: empty geocaching tools box displayed during geocache logging
  • fix: defunct loading of 512x512px tiled maps
  • fix: incorrect coverage/display of bigger SQLite/MBT map layers
  • fix: random crashes during rendering of vector maps at app start
  • fix: unwanted shift of the map screen on watches, topic
  • fix: slow reaction after "shift map center" is set
  • fix: truncated cache waypoint name in projection dialog, topic
  • fix: more precise UK coordinate format
  • fix: incorrect detection of the navigation route end
  • fix: random crashes in cache detail screen
  • fix: many minor fixes
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