Version 3.46 ( 26. 5. 2020+ )

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Version 3.46.2 (10.6.2020)

  • chg: improved visible track part on dashboard chart during navigation, topic
  • chg: conversion of W3W to new V3 API
  • fix: rare problem with loading point/track database at app start on Xiaomi devices
  • fix: incorrect reload of DB Poi on OAM maps
  • fix: incorrect visible area of the map below ads
  • fix: incorrect elevation units in Route planner chart
  • fix: incorrect auto-zoom when guiding to point (for distance less than 2km)
  • fix: incorrect chart axis for tracks with breaks
  • fix: disappearing track after edit in "Track editor"
  • fix: import of GPX files with defined "phone" values
  • fix: not working support for "center" parameter in MBTiles maps
  • fix: bunch of other minor improvements & fixes

Version 3.46.0 (26.5.2020)


  • chg: improved performance of track recording (longer battery life!)
  • add: one more map type in selection of
  • add: basic support for "Map legend" of external themes of vector maps, topic
  • chg: improved support for WhatsApp in Quick bookmarks
  • add: support for complex track style in GPX import & export, topic
  • chg: track "laps" renamed to "intervals"


  • fix: defunct opening of co-apps from function panel
  • fix: incorrectly computed "trip times", topic
  • fix: defunct purchased tracks when user is not logged in
  • fix: incorrect icon for "Community celebration event" cache
  • fix: incorrect map text-scale when using magnifier
  • fix: crash when restoring backup & invalid custom backup directory
  • fix: white tiles during zoom with dark blank map
  • fix: improper vector map attribution for non-LoMaps
  • fix: problem with loading of some specific WMS map
  • fix: rare crashes when displaying LoPoints at low zoom levels
  • fix: incorrect style ID in exported KML files
  • fix: crash when closing "Share" dialog
  • fix: invisible short lines in Route planner, topic
  • fix: incorrectly generated Google Maps url, topic
  • fix: incorrectly saved manual segments in Route planner, topic
  • fix: defunct automatic refresh of Map items when more items are in the same directory
  • fix: minor UI problem in Auto-zoom settings screen

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