Version 3.27 ( 8. 11. 2017+ )

Menion shared this announcement 1 week ago

Version 3.27.0 (8. 11. 2017)

Main changes

  • chg: (PRO) support of No-go places in "Route planner" and "Navigate to"
  • add: option to overwrite existing track loaded to planner, topic

Track screen and style

  • chg: completely reworked setup of track/route style, topic
  • add: solid track line with symbols enabled, topic
  • add: full-featured default settings of tracks/routes style, topic
  • chg: new simplified palette for track coloring
  • chg: optimized performance of screen with line style editor
  • fix: track recording line style not stored in preferences

Other changes

  • chg: improved handling of manual rotation, topic
  • chg: improved screen for editing track info
  • chg: removed old "save track part" dialog (track recording) and replaced with "edit" screen
  • chg: design improvements in dialogs
  • add: option to lock screen in reverse portrait mode, topic
  • add: option to choose source of new photo point
  • chg: improved saving and restoring of currently visible points & tracks, topic
  • chg: minor improvement in GPX import/export system


  • fix: (PRO) crash when tap on "insert point" on widget, topic
  • fix: incorrect times on edited point in Track editor, topic
  • fix: (PRO) crash when trying to share "Track preview" on Android 8
  • fix: opening track screen after tap on track
  • fix: not working hardware buttons during active lock screen
  • fix: (PRO) POI Alert incorrect notification on cache waypoints, topic
  • fix: missing option to edit/delete shaping points in "online map download" screen, topic
  • fix: saving loaded and then cleared track in Route planner
  • fix: incorrect "create date" in case of older points/tracks (older than 1970), topic
  • fix: incorrect sorting of nearest points, topic
  • fix: small graphical fixes