Locus Map, version 4.20 ( 23. 11. 2023 )

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Version 4.20.0 (22.11.2023)

Major changes

  • add: completely redesigned and faster app start
  • chg: new dialog for router and profile selection in the Route planner + fully customizable routing profiles for offline LoRouter and BRouter, topic
  • add: (SILVER) aspect-based slope shading
  • add: (SILVER) option to show the dashboard as a separate screen

Minor improvements

  • chg: improved saving of track after recording is finished
  • chg: (GOLD) What3Words moved to Premium Gold as the service migrated to a paid API
  • chg: speed-up of the work with very long plans in the planner
  • chg: updated icons of routers
  • add: (SILVER) GC code based search for a single cache
  • chg: improved refresh of the detail screen of the currently navigated route
  • chg: improved merge of route planner segments (mainly the final time & problematic last dummy location)
  • chg: numerous updates in offline LoMap themes, topic
  • add: (SILVER) support for actual power value (not just 3sec) in the dashboard
  • add: option to disable navigation warnings globally, topic
  • chg: (SILVER) GraphHopper and external BRouter get elevation from local elevation files, topic
  • add: long-click on recording Stop button discards recording, topic
  • chg: more robust refresh of map themes dialog when a new theme is downloaded
  • chg: minor update in the list of track intervals, topic
  • chg: removed support for defunct Google Earth v10+


  • fix: incorrect start of route planner when map rotation is enabled
  • fix: fix and speed-up of auto-loading of vector MF4 maps
  • fix: unavailable intervals for the planned route, topic
  • fix: (SILVER) incorrect reading of Specialized Levo Power data
  • fix: (GOLD) incorrectly synced change in the point folder in the Web planner
  • fix: location view below the location icon, topic
  • fix: (GOLD) a rare problem in sync start
  • fix: many smaller fixes
  • fix: GPS auto-off not kept in Quick settings, topic
  • fix: "Save and View" settings of recording profile applied to all profiles, topic
  • fix: (GOLD) sync of recently recorded track, when sync happened during recording
  • fix: incorrect dark mode in geocache listings, Store content and some other places
  • fix: (SILVER) overlay icon in the map-screen content panel
  • fix: rare crash at app start caused by incorrectly saved list of shared tracks
  • fix: (SILVER) crash when connecting to BT Specialized Levo e-bike
  • fix: (SILVER) unable to hide dashboard by the back button in some cases
  • fix: not working legend to zipped vector themes, topic

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