Locus Map, version 4.7 ( 16. 3. 2022 )

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Version 4.7.0 (11.3.2022)


  • add: automatic detection of problems with lost/changed full filesystem access
  • add: new system for importing maps to user-defined directory
  • add: full support for export to custom directory on the A11+
  • add: support for import of zipped map themes
  • add: support for "import" of maps directly in maps manager

Maps & themes

  • add: [GOLD] World wide satellite maps
  • chg: improved zoom animation
  • chg: removed no longer supported car, touristic, cycle and ski maps
  • chg: new design for the list of map themes, topic
  • chg: improved loading of SVG images for vector V3 maps
  • chg: updated list of online maps
  • add: support for EPSG 5897 projection
  • fix: map tile loading order (now correctly from the map screen center)
  • fix: [SILVER] issue in rating and tagging of web services (WMS/WMTS)
  • fix: access to map legend in zipped map themes, topic
  • fix: access to IGN FR Orthophoto maps
  • fix: defunct Irish grid coord system

Minor updates

  • add: option to exclude navigation hints in KML export
  • chg: updated handling of attachments of GPX, topic
  • chg: improved merging of track segments in route planner
  • chg: improved loading of LoPoints when one LoPoint is highlighted
  • chg: improved setup of photo as icon, topic
  • add: track distance as metadata in Track name format, topic
  • add: support for 'description' parameter when adding track waypoint over API, topic
  • add: option to "share" attached photo, topic
  • add: highlighting of the GNSS location on the track chart
  • add: [SILVER] support for temperature and humidity in Audio coach, topic
  • add: [SILVER] support for humidity in the Dashboard
  • chg: [SILVER] distance markers visible in lower zoom levels, topic
  • chg: minor update in the design of system notifications


  • fix: cutting off of the background music when playing audio notifications on A8+, topic
  • fix: problem with login into OneDrive
  • fix: incorrect behavior of "always screen on" when charger is unplugged, topic
  • fix: incorrect shape of tracks on watches
  • fix: [SILVER] wrong temperature format in audio coach
  • fix: [SILVER] ANT+ support over OTG, topic
  • fix: tag {nav_name} inserts just "navigation" or a timestamp, not the name of the navigated route, topic
  • fix: automatic setup of photo as icon when creating a new photo-point
  • fix: problem with not working "Coverage" dialog in the Locus Store

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