Version 3.26 ( 11. 10. 2017+ )

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Version 3.26.2 (16. 10. 2017)

  • fix: crash when editing functions panel containing 3rd party app shortcut
  • fix: via-points incorrectly saved in planned route, topic
  • fix: crash at start of Route planner with active offline GraphHopper service
  • fix: incorrect scroll in cache listing after reopen, topic
  • fix: duplicated saved recorded track on slower devices, topic
  • fix: defunct import of multiple KMZ files, topic
  • fix: not saved insert/remove gap in track editor, topic
  • chg: restore location & scale when restoring route planner state

Version 3.26.1 (12. 10. 2017)

  • fix: random crashes on 4.x devices
  • fix: crash when selecting a geocache in Route planner, topic
  • fix: impossibility to create directory in Dropbox
  • fix: not working "import" button in data > tracks screen
  • chg: united UI in "On-board calibrator" feature, topic

Version 3.26.0 (11. 10. 2017)

Route planner

  • add: completely new Route planner screen
  • add: option to add points from Locus database to start/middle/end of route
  • add: option to start navigation directly from planner screen
  • add: (PRO) elevation profile directly on screen together with most used tools
  • add: option to load and edit existing route to route planner (Route planner button in route context menu), topic

RouteTrack editor

  • add: completely new Track editor screen with old good functionality in improved design and a few new nice tools

Other news

  • add: field notes are automatically generated from own imported GC logs, topic
  • add: fluent animation of centering and in some other cases during work with map
  • add: support of shading in Track preview feature, topic
  • chg: (PRO) improved POI alert behavior, topic
  • chg: improved opening of keyboard in edit screens, topic
  • chg: removed ikiMap service (low usage)
  • chg: removed service (low usage)
  • chg: removed Online SmartMaps (terminated by provider)


  • fix: not working Dropbox support, topic
  • fix: crash by tapping "+" button on track after planning, topic
  • fix: disabled permanent storing of navigation routes does not work correctly, topic
  • fix: freezing of app on many places when some long running task not finished (mainly because of slow internet connection), topic
  • fix: crash when sharing exported track on Android 8.0
  • fix: not working language switch on Xiaomi devices
  • fix: problem with import of points with 0, 0 coordinates
  • fix: wrong % count when importing points, topic
  • fix: Locus crash when importing 65 000 geocaches, topic
  • fix: duplicated files when recording NMEA messages during track recording, topic
  • fix: (PRO) incorrect hill-shading, topic
  • fix: (PRO) incorrect addresses in Google Places, topic
  • fix: OSM Notes crashes with '&' symbol
  • fix: crash when clicking button of uninstalled add-on
  • fix: multi-selection of points/tracks in folders, topic
  • fix: problem with sorting points/tracks by name, topic
  • fix: unable to add "mp3" files as attachment, topic
  • fix: (PRO) incorrect elevation values around 0¬į longitude, topic
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