Version 3.43 ( 9. 1. 2020+ )

Menion shared this announcement 4 years ago

Version 3.43.0 (9.1.2020)

  • add: information about projected point (geocaching), topic
  • add: (PRO) display min/max values for Garmin Tempe sensor, topic
  • add: (PRO) WMS base url visible in WMS detail
  • chg: "Use hardware controllers" settings modified, direct option for Carpe Iter & WunderLINQ controllers added, topic
  • chg: support for NFC tags completely removed
  • fix: (PRO) ANT+ connection problem on Android 10, topic
  • fix: defunct login to Munzee service
  • fix: ANR when saving point with duplicate title
  • fix: crash when adding photos to points & screen rotation on
  • fix: incorrect default "Point popup" settings in Locus Map Free
  • fix: invisible title of point/track folder to be overwriten during import, topic
  • fix: incorrect angle format in "Projection"
  • fix: incorrect setup of the main menu > more content, topic
  • fix: (PRO) incorrect icons (missing) on recording widget
  • fix: (PRO) blocked usage of password protected WMS map
  • fix: some more minor fixes

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