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Cloud map and data storage/sync

Collecting votes Menion Locus Map Comments: 115 Reply 4 months ago by Chris S.
210 votes

Display Korean National Point Number as coordinate

Collecting votes Skully F. Locus Map Comments: 4 Reply 45 days ago by SooHyeun A.
128 votes

3D maps by using SRTM files

Collecting votes smsa001 Locus Map Comments: 45 Reply 2 years ago by Menion
111 votes

Support for Galaxy Gear (Tizen OS)

Collecting votes jpservices01 Wearables (Wear, Gear, ...) Comments: 57 Reply 3 days ago by Robert H.
107 votes

HR Monitor + audio coach add-on

Completed pajaku Locus Map Comments: 135 Reply 3 years ago by Menion
93 votes

Android Wear support ( watches )

Completed Peter N. Wearables (Wear, Gear, ...) Comments: 178 Reply 2 months ago by Uatschitchun
91 votes

Improve style for texts in Garmin maps (IMG)

Collecting votes soon_ho c. Locus Map Comments: 14 Reply 20 months ago by freischneider
86 votes
79 votes

Deeper GPSies integration (downloading tracks)

Completed Menion Locus Map Comments: 34 Reply 2 years ago by Menion
77 votes

Altitude profile for tracks

Completed Maddel Locus Map Comments: 63 Reply 4 years ago by trinitii
71 votes

Mark a section of a track and get statistics for it

In Progress Tirfo Locus Map Comments: 31 Reply 12 months ago by Matteo M.
64 votes

Backup to Dropbox/Google Drive

Completed Jan P. Locus Map Comments: 38 Reply 8 months ago by Menion
57 votes

Heart Rate tracking improvements ( zones )

Collecting votes Andreas B. Locus Map Comments: 28 Reply 10 months ago by Dan S.
55 votes

Garmin IMG - better control of visible content (lines, objects)

Collecting votes Robin K. Locus Map Comments: 79 Reply 2 months ago by Menion
53 votes

Auto zoom based on distance to waypoint

Completed Zailor Locus Map Comments: 23 Reply 2 years ago by Michal S.
52 votes

Support for WMTS servers

Collecting votes Menion Locus Map Comments: 72 Reply 34 days ago by Menion
50 votes

Geocaching: Opencaching

Collecting votes theonlytruth Locus Map Comments: 10 Reply 18 months ago by Kipcior
49 votes

Garmin maps on Locus

Completed Wolfgang K. Locus Map Comments: 95 Reply 3 years ago by Menion
48 votes
48 votes

RubberBand route planning

Completed suopo Locus Map Comments: 19 Reply 3 years ago by Menion
46 votes
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