Locus Map, version 4.0 ( 30.3.2021+ )

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Version 4.0.1 (8.4.2021)

  • add: Magnifier and Zoom lock can be added to Function panels
  • add: option to hide guidance panel during route guidance, topic
  • add: (SILVER) {ct} / {cache-type} as pre-filled field notes parameter
  • add: option to rotate the map even if map is not centered (Expert settings)
  • chg: removed shadowing when a point in Route planner is selected, topic
  • chg: faster unloading of points visible on the map
  • chg: default router for a new user is now Online LoRouter
  • chg: (GOLD) more reliable sync from secondary devices
  • fix: crash when switching between geocaches on the map
  • fix: defunct request for online LoPoints for low zoom levels
  • fix: (SILVER) new calibration point index
  • fix: (GOLD) incorrect re-send of sync request when user's account is invalid
  • fix: (SILVER) incorrect color of "Audio coach" icon in function panels
  • fix: (SILVER) GC offlinizer - loading of incorrectly formatted cache images
  • fix: too big touch area for center cross and finger picking
  • fix: UI problem (missing bottom padding) in Presets screen, topic
  • fix: defunct search for contact address
  • fix: center to GPS active when point detail is visible
  • fix: track overview displays only some waypoint icons, topic
  • fix: new url for NGI Belgium
  • fix: background glitch of centering button
  • fix: duplicated "Map manager" buttons in the main menu
  • fix: icons for points added to tracks
  • fix: incorrectly working "Copy to" method when adding waypoints to track
  • fix: ignoring map controls when delaying auto-hide, topic
  • fix: a few more minor fixes

Version 4.0.0 (30.3.2021)

Major changes

  • chg: new app icon
  • chg: new design of the main map screen, main menu and more
  • add: (GOLD) web-device synchronization system
  • add: new web route planner -
  • add: new default online and built-in offline (GOLD) router - LoRouter
  • add: new default online map - LoMap
  • add: new online layer of OSM-based POIs - LoPoints (see the new side content panel)
  • add: internal "GPS Averaging"

UI & usability

  • chg: new point detail screen
  • chg: new map content panel
  • add: (SILVER) new map overlays dialog
  • add: native support for the dark mode
  • chg: list of all features in the main menu with feature search
  • chg: major update of the hold-center system and its reactions on work with points/tracks
  • add: option to side-swap the main map screen control layout for left handers
  • add: long click in quick settings to access certain extra settings screen
  • add: support for quick bookmarks over API
  • add: Korean TTS (thanks @aloblog)
  • chg: update of loading of Dropbox content
  • chg: updated behavior of NMEA parser
  • add: LoPoints independent on selected map, can be turned on/off in the map content panel
  • add: search in settings, topic


  • add: (GOLD) automatic download & update of LoRouter routing data files
  • add: (SILVER) option to add a via point during active navigation
  • add: support for u-turn for online GraphHopper
  • chg: removed support for BRouter profiles from BRouter directory

Route planner

  • add: itinerary with drag & drop of the waypoints and optionally visible chart, topic
  • add: (GOLD) alternative routes (GraphHopper online only)
  • add: (GOLD) round trip generating (GraphHopper online only)
  • add: option to change the map content - maps, POIs and other items
  • add: option to deactivate navigation points
  • add: option to set long-click action on the '+' button
  • chg: planner settings screen united with the app settings screen
  • add: (GOLD) display of road surfaces and way types on the planned route (needs online or offline LoRouter)
  • add: support for undo/redo including the first routepoint, topic
  • add: quick switch between distance/area, topic
  • chg: removed confirmation of deleting


  • chg: improved performance when shifting the map & active content not directly on the map
  • chg: improved auto-loading of vector maps
  • add: battery optimization detector (notification when screen is turned on and incorrect GPS behavior detected)
  • add: OneDrive support
  • add: support for shared Google Drive drives placed into own folder structure
  • add: option to display coordinate grid above the map (lat/lon), topic
  • chg: more reliable start of route planner from point/track detail
  • add: option to display slope angle between two positions, topic
  • chg: allowed original time from KML, topic
  • chg: (SILVER) support of downloading via GC offlinizer of images that are not clearly detectable as images (by extension)
  • add: (SILVER) "hold map center" option to presets
  • add: new 4 GC attributes
  • chg: new GC attributes icons
  • chg: default width of Geocaching tools > lines, topic
  • chg: progressive set up of map scale in preferences
  • chg: blocking of mass-download of HGT files
  • add: 'navigate to' and 'navigation' API events
  • add: integrated online address search with online LoPoints
  • chg: improved filtering of points by from/to date


  • fix: incorrect import of GPX files with trkpt points
  • fix: incorrect line width in route planner when "metres" are used
  • fix: (SILVER) defunct set up of localized photos
  • fix: defunct refresh of the track recording fragment when obtaining new permission
  • fix: invisible "next" button in LT onboarding
  • fix: (SILVER) incorrect set up of pressure sensor in altitude manager
  • fix: bad quality of icons in settings categories
  • fix: optimized performance in Track editor (after confirming a certain action)
  • fix: problem with extracting of locus-actions download files
  • fix: (SILVER) invisible weather and map overview icons
  • fix: inactive links in online maps detail
  • fix: (SILVER) no notification in audio coach when dist == 0
  • fix: defunct custom legit IGN maps
  • fix: defunct sharing of ACTION_SEND content
  • fix: (SILVER) crash after import of PQ files
  • fix: bad Store map icon resolution
  • fix: wrong selection of the world map in the track preview generator
  • fix: restoring of rotate mode after app restart after crash/kill
  • fix: tracks and points items selection wrongly interacts with scrollbar
  • fix: minor fix in handling GNSS "fixed" state
  • fix: ANR caused by clearing file cache upon app exit
  • fix: problem with rendering of vector map tiles with empty background
  • fix: invisible attribution icon on older devices, topic
  • fix: incorrect energy consumption calculation of recorded hike & cycle tracks

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