Locus Map, version 4.6 ( 2. 2. 2022 )

Menion shared this announcement 2 years ago

Version 4.6.0 (1.2.2022)

  • add: Online LoPoints use Wikipedia descriptions and photos
  • add: street names to the list of route waypoints, topic
  • add: "Show view" to "Quick settings", topic
  • add: [SILVER] support for reading geotagged photos from DCIM both in the internal & external storage
  • add: support for bulk export of multiple FIT files, topic
  • add: [SILVER] warning if no info-carrying layer is enabled for WMS GetFeatureInfo request
  • chg: faster display of geocache detail
  • chg: [SILVER] updates in "Map overlays" dialog
  • chg: [SILVER] improved BT4 connection reliability
  • chg: improved export of tracks in FIT format, topic
  • chg: [SILVER] updated reading of the BT speed & cadence on some devices
  • chg: tap on the point/track title in the bottom panel changes the panel height, topic
  • chg: removed "Hike&Bike" and "Hike&Bike Hillshade" maps due to the service termination
  • chg: minor update in the back-press handling of GC listings
  • chg: minor speed update in initialization of vector maps
  • fix: loading of vector themes defined directly for the vector map (like John Thorn maps)
  • fix: defunct download of a shared track without log in
  • fix: [GOLD] incorrect point/track visibility counter after sync, topic
  • fix: crash when loading an incorrectly packed map theme
  • fix: problem with relative path to legend in zipped map theme, topic
  • fix: highlight of currently navigated route, topic
  • fix: sharing of content when the main app dir is on the SD card
  • fix: [SILVER] inconsistent rain intensity in Weather forecast, topic
  • fix: problem with loading of maps when SD card is ejected
  • fix: problem with visible tiny lines between online map tiles, topic
  • fix: problem with editing points created from online LoPoints
  • fix: unable to change invalid custom directory setup, topic
  • fix: Text-to-speech issues when background audio player plays on A11+
  • fix: problem with import/export of cadence for "foot" activities
  • fix: [SILVER] faulty load of WMS get_feature info in some cases
  • fix: track waypoint lost after editing coordinates

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