Locus Map, version 4.8 ( 30. 3. 2022 )

Menion shared this announcement 2 years ago

Version 4.8.1 (31.3.2022)

  • fix: problematic bottom panel layout on the main screen
  • fix: crash during start on some devices
  • chg: updated Dashboard manager and dashboard turn on/off behavior
  • chg: minor update in scale layout in the auto-zoom setup
  • fix: defunct backup of map themes in custom directory
  • fix: defunct sharing of multiple tracks in one zip, topic

Version 4.8.0 (30.3.2022)

  • add: support for one-time period payments over Google Play
  • add: [PREMIUM] special "Position" parameter for the dashboards
  • add: track detail displays all waypoints attachments
  • add: setup of a default via-point icon (expert settings), topic
  • add: "Map themes" to full backups, topic
  • add: "Custom routing profiles" to full backups, topic
  • add: support for regular expression in points and tracks filters, topic
  • add: quick switch of the last two maps by long-pressing the map content button
  • add: option to translate point/track description
  • add: option to play point/track description over Text-to-speech engine
  • add: Romanian as another app language
  • chg: improved behavior when using keyboard prediction during offline address search, topic
  • chg: [PREMIUM] improved reading of speed and cadence BT sensors, topic
  • chg: minor update in the distance value in Track name format, topic
  • chg: improved generating of thumbnails-previews after multi-track GPX import, topic
  • chg: [PREMIUM] united Dashboard selection and edit dialogs
  • chg: info when deleting a zipped map theme with more themes inside
  • chg: [PREMIUM] drawing of the map overlay with zero opacity
  • fix: [PREMIUM] issue with reconnecting to BT4 sensors, topic
  • fix: reading of some GPX/KML files with complex description
  • fix: login to RunKeeper service
  • fix: in-ability to quickly create photo/video points during track recording
  • fix: minor remaining issue in Irish Grid implementation

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