Locus Map, version 4.9 ( 25. 4. 2022 )

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Version 4.9.0 (25.4.2022)

  • add: IGN Plan V2 maps
  • add: "Picture-in-picture" floating widget mode (accessible from navigation menu or functions panel)
  • add: [Premium] Dashboard toggle button in functions panel, topic
  • add: Key event control of "screen lock"
  • add: [Premium] difficulty, terrain and size parameters for geocaching drafts pre-fill, topic
  • chg: improved behavior of the list of route waypoints in route planner, topic
  • chg: [Premium] simplification of shading moved from zoom level 12 to 15, topic
  • chg: faster restoring of previous plans in the Route planner
  • chg: removed support for very very old Locus API
  • chg: improved system of generating shaping points for recorded/imported tracks loaded to route planner


  • fix: defunct export of attachments to custom directory on A11+, topic
  • fix: no start of navigation when no navigation commands are in the route, topic
  • fix: defunct export to Runalyze service
  • fix: [Premium] issue when installing default dashboards & deleting existing, topic
  • fix: unwanted change of style of the line when guidance is started, topic
  • fix: unwanted navi points on route without intersections generated in route planner
  • fix: major update in handling WMS maps that should solve most of problems
  • fix: invisible intervals in recorded track details, topic
  • fix: defunct display of details of temporary route in Route planner
  • fix: incorrect base directory when downloading supplementary maps, topic

Version 4.9.1 (3.5.2022)

  • add: support for "silent" via points
  • add: (SILVER) support for USB UBlox A9 GNSS device
  • chg: (SILVER) updated & fixed setup of pre-fill values for the geocache logs
  • chg: "Save as new" in the Route planner copies the name and description from the existing track, topic
  • fix: (SILVER) defunct loading of WMS tiles when defined url contains unexpected chars
  • fix: Track/point labels overdrawn by recorded track, topic
  • fix: incorrect title of the "Import dialog", topic
  • fix: (GOLD) defunct reload of updated points/tracks after sync
  • fix: problem with import of files into MapItems on Android 11+

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