Version 3.20.0 - 3.20.1 ( 26. 10. 2016+ )

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Version 3.20.1 (1. 11. 2016)

  • fix: Problem with maps. Contact us if you have the same issue in the new version!
  • fix: not working "Via points" in "Navigate to" function
  • fix: missing final routepoint in the route planner
  • chg: (PRO) minor change in "Weather" dialog

Version 3.20.0 (26. 10. 2016)

Main changes

  • add: Compass maps of Poland - traditional tourist maps publisher (available in Locus Store)
  • add: Kompass maps of Germany, Austria and other areas - high quality hiking maps from a famous Austrian publisher (available in Locus Store)
  • add: Israelhiking maps - free Israeli OSM-based hiking/biking maps (available in Locus Store)
  • add: option to toggle between normal/via-points during creating a track with "add new route" function, topic
  • chg: start of live tracking service (now fully on background), topic

Extra features & changes

  • add: "load all", "hide all" and "open in file browser" options in "Map items" screen
  • chg: last sent live tracking location is cached so it is restored once you start live tracking again
  • chg: updated mapsForge to 0.6.1
  • chg: updated layout of "External maps" dialog
  • add: option (in config.cfg) to pan & zoom in track chart in vertical axis as well, topic
  • chg: increased size of texts in waypoints and log tabs of geocaches, topic
  • chg: improved notification about duplicate points during import, topic
  • chg: better visibility of "Quick measure" tool - the result remains now on screen for a while
  • chg: improvement of handling of navigation commands in GPX files
  • chg: improved computation of times above/below lines on map

Various fixes

  • fix: issue in "External maps" configuration dialog (invalid directories), topic
  • fix: small issue in BBCodes description in cache waypoints
  • fix: problem with selecting points loaded from KML/KMZ
  • fix: loading GroundOverlays over "import", topic
  • fix: storing and restoring of loaded state of deeply stored "items" files
  • fix: a few small rendering issues in track charts
  • fix: issue with incorrect ETA values for line to GPS, topic
  • fix: issue with drawing width of track defined in metres and styled by a variable (speed, accuracy, etc.), topic
  • fix: refresh of changed name of BRouter profile
  • fix: attribution for BRouter service, topic
  • fix: (PRO) refresh of profile icon on recording widget
  • fix: highlighting of selected navigation points in map

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Thank you. In Kompass maps there is, or was (today is not displayed), an option to customize map area. What is a size of the smallest available area (tile) ?


Good day Pavel,

in case you download any online map by custom selection, you may define area and zoom levels completely freely as you need. More about this option is here . If you are not familiar with this method how to download a maps, I suggest to download some of pre-prepared areas of Kompass maps or "learn" little bit this method on any of freely downloadable online maps.


In the Locus app when the release notes are displayed, there is a “>” sign for some items, linking to the relevant help topic on the web which induced the bug fix or adding the new feature.

Would be great to have those links here on this website, too.

It’s strange that from the mobile app you can read the relevant help topics on this website – but there is no linking within the same website here.


Thanks Orfi, agree ... improved!

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