Version 3.24 ( 31. 5. 2017+ )

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Version 3.24.2 (20. 6. 2017)

  • chg: improved compass readability in the Sun, topic
  • fix: problem with login over Google email. Re-login to Store/Google Drive required!
  • fix: incorrect opening of cache listing for Basic members in cache detail, topic
  • fix: not visible link parameter from imported GPX file, topic
  • fix: not working writing of location to JPEG EXIF, topic
  • fix: problem with purchase of SHOCart maps
  • fix: problem with using presets (unwanted notifications) in Locus Map Free
  • fix: refresh of cursors list when newly downloaded from store
  • fix: performance issue with on-map label of a track
  • fix: sort of points/tracks by it's name, topic
  • fix: problem with opening files in Google Earth, topic
  • fix: problem with cursor during edit in offline address search, topic
  • chg: many smaller graphics improvements and changes

Version 3.24.2 (20. 6. 2017)

  • add: IGN maps of France with OFFLINE caching - new subscription plan
  • add: (PRO) support of heart rate values import in TCX files, topic
  • add: (PRO) purchase-independent download of elevation data files for ALL map items in Store
  • add: option to define width of guidance line, topic
  • chg: improved performance of track rendering
  • chg: improved performance of saving edited track
  • chg: increased timeout of BRouter routing
  • chg: links in geocache listing open in external browser
  • chg: support of categories within custom icons and some minor improvement in "choose icon" layout, topic


  • fix: (PRO) improved logging system of field notes "day only" option based on latest Groundspeak changes
  • fix: not refreshing distance in map labels, topic
  • fix: improved import of KML files containing links with MS Windows-based syntax, topic
  • fix: problem with import of CDATA content in GPX files, topic
  • fix: rare problem with encryption of paid map tiles on Android 6.0
  • fix: not working export to GPSies, topic
  • fix: problem with login to Strava, RideToGps and Munzee web services, topic
  • fix: incorrect end point location of computed BRouter route, topic
  • fix: problem with invalid heading during movement, topic
  • fix: incorrect colors from GPX file, topic
  • fix: route computation without modification of the final point coordinates, topic

Version 3.24.1 (1. 6. 2017)

  • add: option to divide custom icon pack into groups, topic
  • fix: not working auto-zoom during navigation, topic
  • fix: incorrectly exported generated description of TCX files
  • fix: problem with selection of custom icons
  • fix: (PRO) problem with non-transparent background of vector overlay maps

Version 3.24.0 (31. 5. 2017)

Changes and improvements

  • add: support for display of server data from custom Live tracking, topic
  • add: 10, 25 and 50 m distance rings, topic
  • add: "commute flag" for Strava export, topic
  • add: (PRO) "elevation" to "Quick www bookmarks" & improved layout, topic
  • add: (PRO) option to filter AGPRS points in "Nearest points" + better refresh of this list, topic
  • chg: (PRO) new version of Weather forecast screen
  • chg: better support of marked ways icons in LoMaps
  • chg: improved "Quick measure tool", topic
  • chg: (PRO) improvements in new "auto-zoom settings", topic
  • chg: improved ETA during navigation, topic
  • chg: extends support for TomTom based distance sound files, topic
  • chg: download progress made more obvious, topic
  • chg: minor UI changes


  • fix: missing refresh of map list when vector map changes
  • fix: repeated unwanted downloading of items from Store, topic
  • fix: problem with Norwegian translation, topic
  • fix: problem with Slovak ZBGIS maps on some devices
  • fix: rare problem with restoring of previous maps after app start
  • fix: problems with OAuth login to some services over Locus-owner web browser
  • fix: (PRO) missing distance values in dashboard for guidance along track, topic
  • fix: incorrect export of colors into GPX file v1.1, topic
  • fix: problem with compass on devices without gyro sensor, topic
  • fix: crash when selecting orientation in case device has no orientation sensor, topic
  • fix: extra data usage when downloading problematic GC images, topic
  • fix: problem with default sort of custom icons, topic
  • fix: bad quality of recorded audio attachment, topic
  • fix: incorrect order of drawn items in "rotate map" mode, topic
  • fix: problem with generated description for wpts added during track recording
  • fix: screen lock button overlay over left edge buttons, topic
  • fix: parse coordinates from clipboard, topic
  • fix: broken TCX export, topic
  • fix: map with unwanted "alpha" on screenshot
  • fix: incorrect layout of notification settings
  • fix: problem with export of KML attachments to Google Drive
  • fix: problem with refresh of side track recording panel, topic
  • fix: color of recording profile line doesn't change when the profiles are switched during recording, topic
  • fix: random crashes during exiting of app
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