Version 3.29 ( 1. 2. 2018+ )

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Version 3.29.2 (8.2.2018)

  • chg: (PRO) improved settings of navigation route recalculation
  • chg: improved display of map attribution on map screen
  • fix: world map definition not stored permanently
  • fix: (PRO) incorrect display of geotagged photos on map
  • fix: incorrect display of "show view" feature when GPS location unfixed, topic
  • fix: defunct track recording with external BT GPS, topic
  • fix: previous GPS state not restored, topic
  • fix: incorrect removal of part of map name in list of personal maps
  • fix: (PRO) incorrect scale of chart of recorded training, topic
  • fix: incorrect request of enabling location in system, topic

Version 3.29.1 (4.2.2018)

  • add: allow to use online map as world map for vector maps as well, topic
  • add: option to upload backups/maps over GSM networks, topic
  • fix: unable to download Kompass, NeoTracks etc. maps from Store, topic
  • fix: crash when uploading/logging a cache logs, topic
  • fix: problem with backup of maps to Cloud storage
  • fix: problem with import of caches from GSAK or GeoGet add-ons, topic
  • fix: not recording simulation in case of enabled "moving only" in recording profile
  • fix: incorrect update of gc logs after import of PQ files
  • fix: other smaller reported problems, thank You!

Version 3.29.0 (31.1.2018)

Main changes

  • add: new concept, structure and design of Locus Store
  • add: option to set world raster map covering entry zooms of vector maps, topic
  • add: option to backup offline maps to third party cloud storage
  • chg: redesigned system of content upload to third party cloud

Minor changes

  • add: (PRO) option to enable "GPS simulation" for indoor training, topic
  • add: option to disable retaining of route planner state upon its restart, topic
  • add: support for Open Location Codes, topic
  • add: (PRO) altitude to Audio Coach, topic
  • chg: updates in LoMap themes
  • chg: (PRO) completely removed online elevation system and added easier download of offline HGT files
  • chg: improved display of storage content in file browser in case of denied access to app root dir
  • chg: changed behavior of closing dialog when some background tasks are active, topic
  • chg: removed notification of successful backup
  • chg: removed notification of change in GPS status

Bug fixes

  • fix: problem with strict mode in navigation
  • fix: support for EPSG 3031 for TAR based maps
  • fix: removed cache waypoints visible after restart, topic
  • fix: incorrect result after editing track in editor, topic
  • fix: fixed problem with upload of big files into cloud
  • fix: wrong zooms definition of IGN France
  • fix: problem with handling URL links in point detail, topic
  • fix: (PRO) problem with log draft with images, topic
  • fix: (PRO) problem with refresh of empty list of PocketQueries
  • fix: handling of links to local files in ExtendedData in KML content
  • fix: many small UI improvements and changes

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