Version 3.36 ( 30. 1. 2019+ )

Menion shared this announcement 5 years ago

Version 3.36.0 (30.01.2019)

  • add: direct search for points/tracks in Data manager
  • add: optimized search for nearest tracks, topic
  • add: sorting tracks by elevation gain, topic
  • add: (PRO) support of icon coloring for POI Alert and Parking
  • add: heading and bearing lines in Quick settings and Presets, topic
  • add: line to GPS in Quick settings and Presets, topic
  • chg: GraphHopper address search set as default
  • chg: improved style of "sort by" list in points/tracks
  • chg: updated list of Garmin icons, topic
  • chg: updates in Locus API
  • chg: many minor UI updates


  • fix: missing 'add' button in track > Waypoints tab
  • fix: invisible left/right buttons in track editor after start, topic
  • fix: (PRO) defunct "Add waypoint" button on widget, topic
  • fix: accidental excessive data usage, topic
  • fix: problematic work with definition points in "select area for map download"
  • fix: problem with import of tracks, topic
  • fix: defunct sharing of manual backup, topic
  • fix: defunct downloading of online map when not logged in Locus Store, topic
  • fix: unreliable drag & drop in Route planner, topic
  • fix: defunct login to Strava over Google, topic
  • fix: defunct upload of tracks to Strava on Android 4.x devices, topic
  • fix: (PRO) problem with saving changes to NoGo places, topic
  • fix: heading line incorrectly using "Compass" settings
  • fix: missing core Munzee icons
  • fix: many smaller fixes

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