Version 3.39 ( 24. 7. 2019+ )

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Version 3.39.2 (26.7.2019)

  • fix: incorrectly working online IGN (and some other WMTS) maps
  • fix: display of LoPoints in some other maps
  • fix: few minor problems

Version 3.39.0 (17.7.2019)

Changes & improvements

  • chg: massive performance optimizations in map rendering
  • chg: enabled centering when point/track popup is visible on the map screen
  • chg: quick app language selection
  • chg: (PRO) more edit options in the map auto-zooms
  • chg: improved offer of nearest offline maps in Map manager
  • chg: setup of Quick Map Switch moved to Expert settings
  • chg: minor update in display of SmartMaps
  • chg: improved import of RTE based tracks, topic
  • chg: optimized refresh of LoPoints


  • fix: not refreshing number of LoCoins after purchase
  • fix: defunct geocaching Live-map in Route planner
  • fix: defunct start of navigation with generated commands, topic
  • fix: problem with login to Store over Facebook, topic
  • fix: format of units (decimal separator) ignoring current locale
  • fix: crash when exporting track to web service when app is in background
  • fix: (PRO) incorrect display of WMS map with atypical map projection
  • fix: incorrect linking of nav-points to correct track points, topic
  • fix: incorrect auto-loading of single & multi-maps at once
  • fix: (PRO) defunct automatic counter of quick new points
  • fix: problem with parsing of complicated RTE based GPX routes
  • fix: incorrect deleting of part of track & its waypoints in Track editor
  • fix: problem with loading of Via Francigena routes
  • fix: incorrect start of manual rotation, topic
  • fix: bottom scale bar does not reflect change in magnification, topic
  • fix: incorrect detection of offline address out of country bounds
  • fix: (PRO) defunct WMS with enabled Map overlay, topic
  • fix: defunct IAP for Locus Map on Amazon
  • fix: incorrect display of SmartMaps, topic
  • fix: (PRO) white tiles instead of overlay vector maps, topic
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