Version 3.49 ( 15. 10. 2020+ )

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Version 3.49.1 (10.11.2020)

  • add: track folder style copy as the base for custom style setup, topic
  • chg: improved setup of auto-zoom, topic
  • fix: problem with rendering vector/LoMaps tiles, topic
  • fix: minor problem in export of event caches into GPX
  • fix: (PRO) crash when loading geocache notes, topic
  • fix: (PRO) GPS not restored for custom live tracking, topic
  • fix: incorrect "turn GPS on" label in sats screen, topic
  • fix: value above/below line not applied correctly in route planner

Version 3.49.0 (15.10.2020)

  • chg: accelerated start-up of the app despite large map files are used
  • chg: accelerated automatic loading of offline LoPoints
  • chg: reduced minimum number of characters in LoPoints offline search to 2
  • chg: improved LoPoints icons shadow
  • chg: (PRO) removed "Basic mode" from presets
  • chg: removed option to use routing profiles defined by BRouter app (due to Android 11)
  • chg: notifications in Route planner moved so as not to interfere with controls
  • chg: restored map zoom & location after return from the track editor, topic
  • chg: minor update of the map rotation by GPS when standing still
  • chg: improved generation of track previews in low zoom levels
  • chg: preserving route planner shaping points after making a reversed route copy
  • add: export of GPX without navigation prompts, topic
  • add: support of guidance to a point over API tasks, topic
  • chg: many minor UI changes


  • fix: defunct BRouter routing when custom profile is missing
  • fix: (PRO) incorrect use of recording profile with active navigation preset
  • fix: wrong naming of segments in route planner
  • fix: missed default values from the first track after tracks merging
  • fix: missing refresh after change of distance rings style
  • fix: incorrect rendering of sea areas in LoMaps, topic
  • fix: incorrect icons in the "nearest points" panel, topic
  • fix: incorrectly saved geocache log images after edit
  • fix: defunct delete of empty directory in "Map items", topic
  • fix: incorrect error message for too short route planner segment, topic
  • fix: incorrect style of route when navigating in reverse direction
  • fix: crash of the app when LoPoints database is damaged
  • fix: incorrect import of attached media files to GPX files
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