Version 3.50 ( 7.1.2021+ )

Menion shared this announcement 3 years ago

Version 3.50.0 (7.1.2021)

  • chg: improved auto-loading of geocache waypoints, topic
  • chg: map behavior in the track editor (return to previous scale & zoom after editing)
  • chg: change in parsing TRKPT GPX points with attached navigation commands
  • chg: blocking of fake user agents for all custom online maps
  • chg: updates in basic LoMaps themes
  • chg: calculation of energy consumption even when standing still, topic


  • fix: incorrect auto-loading of vector maps, topic
  • fix: problem with open links in web browser, topic
  • fix: unwanted copy of icon as part of copy/paste style in dashboard, topic
  • fix: color of route for reversed navigation
  • fix: incorrect scale of some app icons
  • fix: setup of auto-zoom (mainly for speed 0)
  • fix: shared circumference value for ANT+ speed sensors
  • fix: some geotagged photos are not displayed on map
  • fix: restore of FileBrowser on required path
  • fix: problem with flickering in tasks list during progress
  • fix: problem with LVM Geoserver for WMS map, topic
  • fix: problem with saving route with custom nav points, topic
  • fix: start of GPS upon install & permission confirmation
  • fix: restore of "map cursor shift" after using route planner

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