Locus Map, version 4.13 ( 6. 12. 2022 )

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Version 4.13.2 (23.12.2022)

  • chg: (GOLD) updated ski LoRouter profiles
  • fix: problem with automatic backups
  • fix: defunct option to "Set" manual routing in the route planner

Version 4.13.1 (15.12.2022)

  • fix: incorrect backup of custom routing profiles
  • fix: defunct start of the track recording from widget or over intent on A12+
  • fix: (SILVER) incorrect load of geocache notes
  • fix: unstable system of import of maps
  • fix: (SILVER) energy consumption not announced by the audio coach
  • fix: rare crash when rotating a map
  • fix: rarely defunct track recording
  • fix: wrong format of time if longer than 24 hours, topic
  • fix: default location not "screen center" when searching for caches
  • chg: switch "Set" and "Recalculate all" buttons in the Route planner

Version 4.13.0 (5.12.2022)

Major changes

  • add: (SILVER) option to download geocaches without the Geocaching4Locus add-on
  • add: (SILVER) option to download "My lists" of geocaches
  • add: Nordic ski routing to online & offline LoRouter
  • chg: unified "Add maps" menu for online/offline maps in the Map manager
  • chg: (SILVER) "recalculate all" available in "Set router" dialog instead of side menu
  • chg: (SILVER) "recalculate all" in the planner now available for all routers
  • chg: new settings menu for backup & filesystem
  • add: (BETA) version of automatic pause/resume system for track recording
  • chg: app news notifications converted to the system notifications

Minor improvements

  • chg: changed colors in dark theme
  • add: routing profiles to the full backup
  • chg: optimization in the handling of map tiles with hope to fix memory problems, topic
  • chg: improved navigation layout in the landscape, topic
  • chg: (SILVER) more robust serialization of WS services
  • chg: a removed hint that notifies about "How to download maps"
  • chg: "Disable screen lock" moved to Silver+
  • add: support for SVG HTTP icons (mainly used in the online LoPoints for now)
  • add: (SILVER) "Hold map center" added to default presets created during install
  • chg: changed order of routing types (walk & bike before car)
  • chg: improved setup of track recording name format, topic
  • chg: (GOLD) updated offline LoRouter profiles
  • add: possibility to delete the photo before uploading
  • chg: improved "created time" for split tracks
  • chg: reworked "about app" menu screen
  • add: (SILVER) 250m option for NoGo areas
  • chg: modifications for target API 31
  • chg: minor graphics changes (adaptation to new Material 3 theme)
  • chg: united naming of "More functions" dialog
  • chg: (SILVER) calibrated maps are now generated in a format based on the source image
  • chg: (SILVER) minor update in the layout of "Auto-zoom" function
  • chg: removed support for "GPS auto-off" function on Android 12+
  • chg: united format for times across the app
  • add: separate setup of LoPoint icons scale, topic
  • add: alternative full-screen mode over Expert settings, topic


  • fix: import of maps with supplementary files (info, db, ...)
  • fix: default directory in file browser
  • fix: crash when saving LoPoint into local database
  • fix: (SILVER) correct communication with the Web service library (problem with detection of map existence)
  • fix: incorrect name of tracks exported to OSM, topic
  • fix: rare problem with automatic upload of backup to the cloud storage
  • fix: crash when tapping on any point on the map
  • fix: online log of caches
  • fix: crash in NMEA recorder
  • fix: not reliable automatic calibration of pressure sensor, topic
  • fix: (SILVER) not working WMTS maps
  • fix: drawing of polygons for Store previews
  • fix: launch of some apps from the function panel, topic
  • fix: reset of preferences does not really reset all existing preferences, topic
  • fix: not working Wunderlinq controller support, topic
  • fix: (SILVER) not working downloading of offline elevation files for GraphHopper routing in route planner
  • fix: mysterious problem with the connection to BT GNSS device
  • fix: improved change and refresh of UI when changing location sources, topic
  • fix: support for webp images as photo attachment, topic
  • fix: and huge number of minor fixes on background

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