Locus Map, version 4.4 ( 23.9.2021+ )

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Version 4.4.0 (22.9.2021)


  • add: brand new Sensors manager
  • add: support for ANT/BLE Power meter sensor, topic
  • add: support for USB GNSS units, topic
  • add: option to set custom name for connected sensors
  • add: support for Thermometer WS07 (BLE), topic
  • chg: updated refresh of the dashboard, active GPS is no longer needed
  • add: support for temperature in the track charts

Minor changes

  • add: (SILVER) distance markers along the track/route (toggle in points/tracks settings or in quick settings), topic
  • add: visible meta-data for attached photos
  • add: option to share location (point) over
  • add: regions highlighted on the map after being found in LoPoints search
  • add: automatically loaded address in point detail (from offline LoMaps)
  • chg: updated order of the "selection menu" in data manager, topic
  • chg: quick bookmark lat/lon reflects coordinate precision
  • chg: performance optimization in route planner
  • chg: minor improvements of the full-screen behavior
  • chg: screen on/off during navigation works also when voice is disabled, topic
  • chg: removed magnifier when shifting content in route planner for better performance
  • chg: improved handling of HTTP communication errors
  • chg: improved loading of Google Maps places obtained by Google takeout, topic
  • chg: minor UI updates in geocache point detail screen
  • chg: scale of the LoPoints icons based on magnify map parameter
  • chg: updated MTB Europe map to use https connection
  • chg: default track name set to "{city}, {activity}" (a new profile needed to take the effect)
  • chg: highlighting of a selected track turned off after closing its bottom panel
  • chg: updated downloading of files over Locus Actions
  • chg: zoom buttons visible by default after a new install
  • chg: updated style of buttons in the dark mode


  • fix: (GOLD) unable to start the first sync when wi-fi is not available, topic
  • fix: (GOLD) sync failure in case of many long-distance tracks in database, topic
  • fix: (GOLD) defunct sync of track after waypoint add/edit, topic
  • fix: screen keeping turning on when "Unlock the screen" is enabled, topic
  • fix: erroneous registering into Locus Map account over email address & invalid redirect when setting up an account
  • fix: refresh of active recording profile upon edit in settings
  • fix: not working SQLite maps with other-than-256px tiles
  • fix: defunct back button in Locus Store history system
  • fix: incorrectly drawn navigation line in some cases, topic
  • fix: incorrect times when merging tracks in route planner, topic
  • fix: problem with selecting of the online map in the route planner from the Map manager
  • fix: hidden top panel in point detail when immersive mode is active
  • fix: incorrect position of the bottom panel in point detail, topic
  • fix: geocache listing does not remember scroll position when close/open
  • fix: minor update in compass screen refresh, topic
  • fix: app crash after logging GC offline and moving it to another folder
  • fix: (SILVER) problematic loading of geotagged photos on the Nokia devices
  • fix: import of files from cloud with invalid filename characters

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