Version 3.31 ( 4. 6. 2018+ )

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Version 3.31.3 (21.6.2018)

  • chg: updated online NZ Topo maps
  • chg: improved track recording icon for status bar, topic
  • chg: (PRO) method how app download elevation data (should fix rare download problems)
  • fix: enabled/disabled route mode button in route planner, topic
  • fix: (PRO) problem with set of group in folder settings, topic
  • fix: crash in handling points and tracks when disk is full
  • fix: incorrect highlight of Geocaching circles selection
  • fix: incorrect label for BT GPS on/off
  • fix: zoom level for photo Kapsi online map
  • fix: problem with update of name of geocaches over API
  • fix: Dropbox backup - problems with path to root folder

Version 3.31.2 (15.6.2018)

  • fix: crash when setting a compass type and "Always screen on", topic
  • fix: defunct export GC logs to file in Logs manager, topic
  • fix: problem with start of paused track recording over intent
  • fix: (PRO) auto-loading of GC waypoints with deprecated ID, topic
  • fix: user agent when downloading tiled maps
  • fix: fullscreen issue in track edit screen and parking activity
  • fix: sorting of folders/groups
  • fix: (PRO) incorrect "Elevation down" audio coach notification, topic
  • fix: crash in GraphHopper offline routing in case invalid file is selected
  • fix: defunct content restore of GC logging screen after screen rotation
  • chg: improved icons for map items and LoPoints
  • chg: improved style of circular clickable buttons above map (route planner, track editor, etc.)
  • chg: other minor UI improvements

Version 3.31.1 (11.6.2018)

Live Tracking

  • add: Live Chat - new communication channel for Live Tracking users (only in private rooms)
  • add: sending location (coords, POIs etc.) over Live Chat
  • chg: more Live Chat features: menu of items in list, user online status, active hyperlinks, settings of "new message notification"

Other changes

  • add: Presets and Live Tracking parameters into 'Action tasks', topic
  • chg: improvements in track detail screen
  • chg: (PRO) improved automatic zooming for point guidance, topic
  • chg: decreased limit for offline access to Wanderreit maps
  • chg: HW sensor usage for "show view" (when available)
  • add: (PRO) not closing "Quick add point" dialog for parameter 'gui_quick_add_point_close_after' in config.cfg
  • chg: improved start of track recording over API, topic
  • chg: improved full-screen of secondary screens
  • chg: improved behavior of map centering on route planner start
  • chg: removed shading of the world vector map (redundant with the new map)
  • fix: problem with rotation of track screen & restoring tab
  • fix: (PRO) problem with too short screen off after previous turning it on by gesture
  • fix: non-clickable TB code button in trackable detail screen
  • fix: not working point filter by date
  • fix: click on map in track detail
  • fix: (PRO) visible WMS icons after WMS map disabled from left side panel
  • fix: impossible to set negative altitude offset in Altitude manager
  • fix: crash when logging caches from Logs manager
  • fix: crash when logging trackables
  • fix: (PRO) restore of map in On-board calibrator
  • fix: crash in track meta edit screen
  • fix: (PRO) scroll in pre-fill field notes pattern dialog
  • fix: (PRO) problem with save & restore of recalculation parameters
  • fix: (PRO) display point on track chart from map

Version 3.31.0 (4.6.2018)

Main changes

  • chg: new structure and texts of app settings & minor UI updates
  • chg: optimization of GPS system (to be more reliable)
  • add: new system of using app over new Broadcast intents - for true geeks!, topic


  • chg: huge update of Geocaching logging system - new log screen, better support for logging of trackables, topic
  • add: log images visible in "logs manager" and also in geocache detail
  • chg: offline logs now exported to "export" directory together with images
  • chg: new settings dialog for "pre-fill field notes"

Point filters

  • add: filtering geocaches by their size or attributes, topic
  • add: filtering geocaches by their minimal number of favorite points, topic
  • add: option to filter points/caches by "hidden date"
  • add: (PRO) option to save/restore point filters, topic
  • add: (PRO) option to apply filter when loading points from a certain folder (click on folder icon)
  • chg: 161m circle can be drawn upon geocache final location

Other changes

  • fix: (PRO) problem with POI Alert notification on own location, topic
  • add: (PRO) Live tracking auto-start support in side track recording panel
  • chg: (PRO) UX improvements in On-board calibrator, topic
  • add: option to hide date & time from top bar title on map screen (in config.cfg file)
  • add: swimming pools, gullies, embankments in LoMaps
  • chg: UX improvements in handling WMS layers
  • add: (PRO) button for side WMS panel disabling active WMS layer
  • chg: (PRO) improved layout of data Groups & fixed sorting
  • chg: minor improvements in map magnifier, topic
  • chg: improved behavior of track edit screen (back/forward buttons)
  • chg: "Locus as a service" enabled since API26+ by default
  • chg: "Lesne cesty SK" removed from online map overlay offer (because of terms of use). Can be displayed only over WMS
  • add: (PRO) display turned on after navigation route recalculation
  • chg: track description copied to both remaining parts after track split
  • chg: TTS settings dialog update
  • add: description field to Runalyze export
  • chg: export to Runalyze now over TCX file format (detecting activity)
  • chg: base scale of highlighted map items increased from 25% to 50%
  • chg: usage of system 12/24hr day time format, topic
  • chg: confirmation screen of online map selection redesigned to a separate screen
  • chg: removed MapQuest routing (service terminated)
  • add: option to setup source for compass screen (accept compass settings) over config.cfg

Bug fixes

  • fix: repeated "GPS lost" notification
  • fix: not working "GPS lost" notification of connected BT GPS, topic
  • fix: problem with export to OSM servers
  • fix: problem in saving track recording parameters after change of line style
  • fix: problem with double application of elevation offset to BT GPS data
  • fix: Swiss coordinate projection format
  • fix: not working Statkart maps in high zoom levels, topic
  • fix: incorrect title of email generated by "Share my location" function
  • fix: problem with title of V4 vector maps in UI
  • fix: (PRO) missing icons of calibrated points on an image, topic
  • fix: problem with setup of size of custom icons
  • fix: translation of GC logs over web browser
  • fix: problem with visibility of files after export on some devices, topic
  • fix: problem with download of Outdoor Active maps
  • fix: problem with correct handling of recording pause in audio coach
  • fix: problem with correct reading of time in Czech TTS system
  • fix: correct display of axes for S-JTSK
  • chg: many other smaller improvements & UI changes
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